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Jose Morey

The First 'Intergalactic Doctor'; Bestselling Author & Consultant for NASA, IBM, Hyperloop Transportation, and Liberty BioSecurity

Speaker Jose Morey is the first 'Intergalactic Doctor' and founder and CEO of Ad Astra Media, a S.T.E.A.M. edutainment company that focuses on providing role models and educational content to encourage diversity. He has served in various leadership roles in the technology and healthcare industries and is a faculty member at Singularity University. Jose Morey is a technology speaker and bestselling author on topics related to AI and technology innovation.

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    Jose Morey biography

    Technology speaker Jose Morey, also known as the first Intergalactic Doctor, is a leader in technology innovation and the founder and CEO of Ad Astra Media, a S.T.E.A.M. edutainment company. His company focuses on providing role models and educational S.T.E.A.M. content to encourage diversity in these fields and make S.T.E.A.M. resources accessible to underrepresented communities.

    Dr. Morey has served as the Associated Chief Health Officer for IBM Watson Health, where he led the research and development of advanced medical AI technologies. He has also served as the Chief Medical Innovation Officer for Liberty BioSecurity and the Chief Innovation Officer for Hyperloop Transportation Technologies.

    In addition to his role at Ad Astra Media, Dr. Morey is an advisor to the Forbes Technology Council and NASA, and a Fellow for the Eisenhower Foundation. He is also faculty at Singularity University, where he leads exponential technology, innovation, and human augmentation curricula. Furthermore, he sits on the education admission committee for the Space Foundation and on the admissions committee for the Space Technology Hall of Fame.

    Dr. Morey is an international speaker on AI and technology innovation, and has co-authored over 75 abstracts, book chapters, and peer-reviewed articles. He is often featured on Forbes, Univision, CNBC, and NASA360. His book, “LatinX Business Success,” hit #1 on Amazon in several categories. He also serves as a technology and business advisor for MIT, NASA, UVA, the African Innovation Alliance, and the US-Polish Alliance for Innovation, and has served as a special envoy to the Polish Space Agency.

    Jose Morey Speaking Videos

    Dr. José Morey: From Leonardo Da Vinci to the Singularity
    José Morey keynote speaker

    Jose Morey Keynote Topics

    The focus of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is to provide information to civilian institutions to help them solve scientific problems at home and in space. This talk focuses on the latest technologies in artificial intelligence and machine learning in technology that have enabled scientists to gather and use data better and faster. The goal of these applications is to make sure NASA does not miss anything of potential value for civilian and commercial use as well as space exploration.

    Artificial Intelligence applications are changing entire industries and eliminating the routine from healthcare tasks. How will artificial intelligence and robots change the face of medicine and healthcare? How will they affect patient testing, diagnosis, and doctor/patient interaction? In this lively talk, Morey discusses what you should expect from health and medicine in the age of artificial intelligence.

    Leonardo Da Vinci is still today one of humanity’s greatest innovators. His ability to blend cross-disciplinary sciences, technology, and art has inspired our greatest inventors from Franklin to Edison to Steve Jobs. They all looked to Leonardo as a source of inspiration. This talk delves into the life and genius of the renaissance thinker and explores how companies today can emulate his traits to transform their enterprises into innovation leaders and lead in this new technology renaissance.

    Our health is not just about going to the doctor. It’s a holistic process that also looks at how our environments and behaviors interact with our well being. How will our health change when we can travel quickly across the earth in Hyperloops or visit faraway places like Mars? In this exciting talk, Morey discusses the healthcare challenges and opportunities on Earth and in space.

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