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Juan Pablo Neira

Magic Speaker

A unique speaker who blends his knowledge in the field of creativity and service with his deep passion for magic to deliver a unique experience. Speaker Juan Pablo Neira has worked with the likes of SABMiller, WOBI, Pfizer, Coca-Cola, Citibank, P & G, and Nestle. Organizations book Juan Pablo Neira to learn about creativity, leadership, and innovation.

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    Juan Pablo Neira biography

    Magician speaker Juan Pablo Neira is an expert in corporate presentations in Latin America. He started out as an event organizer and publicist. During his event-organizing career, Juan established one of Latin America’s leading event-planning companies. Following that, he decided to pursue his interest in magic.

    He graduated from George Washington University with a degree in event production. Later, he started LIVE, one of Latin America’s most prominent special event organizations.

    Motivational speaker Juan Pablo Neira ‘s career took off thanks to his adaptability as an entrepreneur. He created Expomarketing and founded Marketing News and Punto de Event. As an author, Juan Pablo has written two best-selling books: The Great Brands of Colombia and IMAGINE.

    Clients including SABMiller, WOBI, Pfizer, Coca-Cola, Citibank, P & G, and Nestle have hired him for corporate events due to Juan’s expertise in leadership. As a speaker, Juan Pablo blends his knowledge in the field of creativity and service with his deep passion for magic to deliver a unique experience.

    He is known for his dynamic and engaging speaking style, captivating audiences with his powerful messages, and incorporating his magical skills to leave a lasting impression on his audiences.

    Juan Pablo Neira Speaking Videos

    Juan Pablo Neira - The Magic of Transforming
    Juan Pablo Neira - Everything Starts With Imagination

    Juan Pablo Neira Keynote Topics

    In his captivating keynote, Juan Pablo Neira delves into the science and art of creativity, revealing the underlying principles that drive the creative process. He shares practical techniques and strategies for overcoming common creative blocks and unlocking new perspectives to generate fresh ideas and solutions. Juan Pablo's engaging anecdotes and real-life examples from his own journey as an entrepreneur and magician illustrate how creativity can be harnessed to break through barriers, overcome challenges, and achieve extraordinary results.

    Juan Pablo Neira's keynote on leadership is a compelling exploration of the key principles and strategies that define effective leadership in today's dynamic business environment. Drawing from his rich experience as an entrepreneur, magician, and motivational speaker, Juan Pablo inspires audiences to embrace a transformational leadership mindset that empowers and inspires others to achieve greatness.

    Juan Pablo Neira's keynote on innovation is an inspiring exploration of the mindset, strategies, and processes that drive innovation and foster a culture of creativity in organizations. Drawing from his diverse background as a magician, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker, Juan Pablo challenges conventional thinking and inspires audiences to embrace a forward-thinking approach to innovation.

    In his dynamic keynote, Juan Pablo shares practical insights and actionable strategies for unlocking the full potential of innovation, including techniques for ideation, experimentation, and iteration. He explores the importance of fostering a culture of curiosity, risk-taking, and continuous learning to drive innovation and adapt to the rapidly changing business landscape.

    FAQs on Booking Juan Pablo Neira

    How to book Juan Pablo Neira as a keynote speaker?
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    Juan Pablo Neira speaking fees are determined by several factors, including the event's date, whether it's a virtual or in-person event, the duration, format, preparation required for their speech, and more. The same applies to the cost to hire any other top expert speakers and celebrities. The Speaker Fee Range listed on our website is simply a guideline and is subject to change without notice. If you would like to hire Juan Pablo Neira to deliver a keynote speech for your event, please fill out the contact form or email us at with as much detail as possible. One of our experienced agents will get in touch with you and let you know exactly how much it will cost to book Juan Pablo Neira.
    How can I contact Juan Pablo Neira?
    We only work with Juan Pablo Neira on paid speaking engagements. Aurum Speakers Bureau can assist you in booking Juan Pablo Neira and will handle all negotiations, contracts, and logistics associated with having Juan Pablo Neira speak at your event. We will be your sole point of contact throughout the process. Get in touch with Aurum Speakers Bureau today, and we will reach out to any motivational speaker or celebrity you want to enquire about speaking at your event. If you wish to contact Juan Pablo Neira for any other reason, we will be unable to assist you as we are not authorized to provide personal contact information.
    Can I book Juan Pablo Neira for a virtual keynote?
    Yes, Juan Pablo Neira is available for virtual keynotes and webinars. To book Juan Pablo Neira for a virtual event, please complete the contact form or send us an email to inquire about the special fees for virtual engagements.