Innovation Speaker Julian Bleecker

Julian Bleecker

Researcher; Designer; Entrepreneur and Founder, Near Future Laboratory, OMATA

Julian Bleecker is a versatile and innovative leader who excels at helping organizations move from the present to the future. With multiple engineering degrees and a PhD in technology and culture, he possesses the ability to execute on ideas and provide unique perspectives on the marketability of new concepts.

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    Julian Bleecker biography

    Speaker Julian Bleecker is a respected figure in design, technology, and innovation, with a career in entrepreneurship, research, and academia. As the founder of Near Future Laboratory, he leads a team of creative minds exploring the cutting edge of emerging technologies and their impact on culture and society.

    Bleecker’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to found OMATA, a company focused on crafting top-of-the-line cycling computers with unparalleled precision. However, his passion for design and technology extends far beyond the business world.

    As a researcher and academic, speaker Julian Bleecker has also published numerous articles and papers that delve into the intersection of design, technology, and innovation. But it is perhaps his groundbreaking concept of Design Fiction that has earned him the most recognition. Coined by Bleecker himself, this term refers to the use of speculative design to shape the future and explore new possibilities. His book, “The Manual of Design Fiction,” is a must-read for anyone interested in the subject.

    Throughout his illustrious career, Bleecker has garnered a host of awards and accolades for his innovative and influential work. But he remains driven by a forward-thinking approach and a desire to push the boundaries of what is possible. With his unique insights and creative spirit, Julian Bleecker is a true visionary shaping the future of design and technology.

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    Julian Bleecker - DesignFiction
    Julian Bleecker - interview

    Julian Bleecker Keynote Topics

    Julian Bleecker's keynote "Imagine Harder" is a call to action for individuals and organizations alike to push beyond the boundaries of traditional thinking and embrace a mindset of bold imagination. Through his engaging and thought-provoking presentation, Bleecker inspires his audience to envision a world where innovation and creativity are the norm, challenging them to step outside of their comfort zones and pursue new and exciting opportunities. Drawing on his extensive experience in entrepreneurship, research, and academia, Bleecker offers practical strategies for cultivating creativity and innovation, providing actionable insights that can help individuals and organizations to achieve their full potential. Whether you are an entrepreneur, designer, or simply looking to ignite your creativity, Julian Bleecker's keynote will leave you inspired and motivated to imagine harder.

    Through his dynamic and engaging presentation, Bleecker introduces the concept of "Design Fiction," which combines the principles of science fiction with the practice of design to create compelling narratives that explore the possibilities and implications of future technologies. Drawing on his background in engineering, research, and academia, Bleecker provides a deep understanding of how Design Fiction can be used as a tool for ideation, innovation, and critical thinking. He also offers practical strategies for incorporating Design Fiction into the design process, including tips on creating immersive narratives and using prototyping tools to bring ideas to life. Whether you are a designer, technologist, or simply interested in exploring the possibilities of the future, Julian Bleecker's keynote on Design Fiction will leave you inspired to use storytelling as a means of exploring new and exciting possibilities.

    Through his engaging and thought-provoking presentation, Bleecker challenges his audience to think beyond the boundaries of traditional thinking and embrace a mindset of bold creativity. Drawing on his extensive experience in entrepreneurship, research, and academia, Bleecker provides practical strategies for cultivating a culture of innovation, fostering a collaborative spirit, and pushing beyond the limits of what is possible. He also shares insights on the importance of storytelling, visualization, and prototyping in the design process, providing actionable tips for turning ideas into reality. Whether you are a designer, entrepreneur, or simply interested in exploring the power of imagination and design, Julian Bleecker's keynote is sure to inspire and motivate you to break boundaries and unleash your full potential.

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