AI Speaker Justine Cassell

Justine Cassell

Assoc. Dean, Technology Strategy & Impact, Carnegie Mellon University. Artificial Intelligence expert

One of the world's leading experts on AI and robotics. Speaker Justine Cassell created the Embodied Conversational Agent, a virtual human that can interact with humans verbally and non. Organizations book Justine Cassell to learn about AI's future opportunities and challenges, the future of bots, social artificial intelligence, and the future of work with AI.

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    Justine Cassell biography

    AI speaker Justine Cassell ‘s career began with an interest in the research of human-to-human storytelling and conversation. As time went on, Justine developed an interest in the role of computational systems taking part in these human interactions. 

    Analyzing the linguistic parts of storytelling and conversation with this new technological emphasis enabled her to create machines capable of engaging with humans just like humans would. When it comes to learning and communication, though, her study emphasizes how new technology might help.

    Speaker Justine Cassell created the Embodied Conversational Agent. The ECA is a virtual human that is able to interact with humans. It does so both verbally and non. Justine did extensive research on how ECA can help children learn literacy and language skills. Furthermore, she has used psychological and linguistic analysis to examine how online communication affects an individual’s self-efficacy, self-esteem, and sense of community.

    Justine Cassel began to wonder if human-like qualities in computers can help elicit people’s highest conversational skills. Cassell’s study aims to create technologies that evoke people’s most human and humane abilities. In addition, the study wants to analyze the impact these technologies can have on our ever-changing world.

    At present, she is on leave from CMU and is conveying her AI knowledge and skills at PRAIRIE Paris. She also serves as Inria Paris’ Directrice de Recherche.

    Prior to being on leave, Justine was working in the School of Computer Science. In addition, she was a founding co-director of the InMind Project on the Future of Personal Assistants. Justine was also one of the Simon Initiative on Technology-Enhanced Learning’s founding co-directors. 

    As one of the world’s leading experts on AI and robotics, Justine is continuously invited to speak at Davos each year.

    Justine Cassell Speaking Videos

    Keynote Speaker Justine Cassell
    Teaching virtual humans the secret of reading between the lines | Justine Cassell

    Justine Cassell Keynote Topics

    We are at the beginning of a decades-long trend toward increasingly data-intensive, evidence-based decision making across all walks of life, fueled by big data and machine learning algorithms. In this talk, Justine will introduce the opportunities and surprises that AI will bring us, and give us her answers to the questions that entrepreneurs would care about the most, such as: what are the probable future products? What are the probable future business models? What are the possible game changers? etc., and most importantly, her advice to entrepreneurs and startup founders on how to find the market with the most value.

    In today's era of intelligent assistants of all kinds, a conversational front end is a necessity. Particularly in the mobile and home domains where users may be engaged in multiple tasks at the same time, and have their eyes on something other than a screen, the ability to use conversation to access services is particularly important. On the other hand, most existent conversational user interfaces are really thinly veiled search engines. The interaction between user and system couldn't be called a "conversation" by a long shot. In this talk I'll discuss what natural language and AI challenges face us as we try to design the conversational personal assistants of the future, and how to meet those challenges.

    In this talk Dr. Cassell will describe some unexpected results about the ways in which social interaction supports and improves task performance in people, and how social interactiohen can profitably be integrated into AI, with implications for the future of AI, the future of work, and the future of social interaction.

    Will progress in AI and Robotics mean the end of work as we know it today? Is it true that robots fueled by AI will replace millions of humans at their jobs? These are the questions that every industry and company is asking themselves, and Dr. Cassell, one of the leading AI and robotics experts and professor at CMU will answer them in this fascinating talk.

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