Technology Speaker Kathryn Parsons

Kathryn Parsons

Co-founder & CEO, Decoded. Expert in Digital Economy

Co-founder of Decoded, a company that aims to help everyone learn coding in a day. Speaker Kathryn Parsons is an expert in women in technology, artificial intelligence, entrepreneurship, and the future of the digital economy. Organizations book Kathryn Parsons to learn about the importance of digital literacy in business, trends in the digital economy, creating a startup culture, and women in technology and business.

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    Kathryn Parsons biography

    Technology speaker Kathryn Parsons co-founded the technology education company Decoded in 2011. The company started off with the mission to help everyone learn coding in a day. Nowadays, the Decoded also helps those who want to learn about cyber security, innovation, and artificial intelligence.

    Besides focusing on expanding and scaling the company, Kathryn is a frequent keynote speaker and promotes coding on curriculums and gender diversity in IT. Women in technology, artificial intelligence, entrepreneurship, and the future of the digital economy are among her areas of expertise. Kathryn was a core member of the successful effort to have code added as a compulsory topic in the UK national curriculum in 2014. 

    In 2016, she became the UK Government Institute of Coding’s Chairwoman. In addition, she obtained an MBE in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours list. Speaker Kathryn Parsons was appointed to the London Mayor’s Business Advisory Board in 2017. That same year she served in the Department of Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy’s non-executive board and the UK Government Cyber Security Skills Advisory Board.

    Kathryn considers herself a language enthusiast who has studied Japanese, Mandarin, Ancient Greek, and Latin. Code, in her opinion, is just another language, one that billions of people speak every single day.

    Kathryn Parsons sits on the board of The Rose Review into Female Entrepreneurship. The report revealed that female-founded companies receive less than one percent of venture funding in the United Kingdom. Empowering female entrepreneurship provides a £250 billion opportunity for the economy in the United Kingdom.

    Kathryn Parsons Speaking Videos

    Kathryn Parsons - The Future is Written in Code
    Kathryn Parsons - Why we all need to give ourselves permission to learn

    Kathryn Parsons Keynote Topics

    Kathryn Parsons, co-founder and CEO of Decoded, a company dedicated to empowering people in learning to code in just a few days, believes that digital literacy in business is essential. Her relentless work resulted in coding to be introduced as a mandatory subject to the UK national curriculum. And for this, she received important awards and honors in the country. At this session, Kathryn will explain why it is vital that we all know some basic coding for the success of our lives and our businesses.

    Kathryn Parsons, Co-Founder and CEO of Decoded, is an expert on the future of the digital economy. From her important positions as Chairperson of the UK Government Coding Institute, member of the London Mayor’s Business Advisory Board, the UK Government Cyber Security Skills Advisory Board and the non-executive board of the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Kathryn has a unique perspective on trends in the digital sector that will affect business. In this session, Kathryn will offer your audience her vision of the future and the trends that will shape your industry.

    Kathryn Parsons is a pioneer woman in the United Kingdom who shows the important role of women in technologies that will affect the future of business and society. A successful businesswoman that has received important honors and awards, she is a true 21st century woman. In this motivational speech, she will discuss the challenges and opportunities for women in technology and business and will tell her story of success and self-improvement.

    Startups are more agile, faster, and more adaptable to change than large companies. Having a startup mindset offers significant benefits that large and medium-sized companies and organizations are trying to implement. Kathryn Parsons, a successful business expert, will tell you in this session how you can create a startup culture in your business or organization.

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