Cybersecurity Speaker Keren Elazari

Keren Elazari

Cyber Security Analyst, Author & Researcher

Every successful company on earth is vulnerable to cyberattacks, and speaker Keren Elazari helps companies protect themselves against that threat. Her research into hackers’ techniques has helped corporations and governments around the world respond to an increasingly fraught online environment. Organizations concerned with cybersecurity book Elazari for her uniquely electric and insightful keynote addresses.

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    Keren Elazari biography

    Governments, corporations, and TED talk fans turn to cybersecurity speaker Keren Elazari to learn how hackers think. A galvanizing and insightful public speaker, Keren Elazari addresses corporate and professional events from a friendly hacker’s perspective.

    Keren Elazari is an acclaimed cybersecurity analyst, author, and keynote speaker. For more than two decades, she has advised governmental organizations and corporations worldwide on threats to their IT systems.

    Elazari is a senior researcher at the Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Research Center at Tel Aviv University. Her research examines the motivations and methods that inform cybercrime.

    In 2016, she founded BSidesTLV, Israel’s largest security community event. She is also the co-founder of Leading Cyber Ladies, a global professional network of women in the cybersecurity industry. Additionally, she contributed to the 2016 bestselling book Women in Tech.

    In 2014, Elazari became the first Israeli woman to speak at the TED conference. Her talk, “Hackers: The Internet’s Immune System,” has attracted nearly 3 million views. It was also lauded as one of Inc.’s top talks of 2014 and has been named one of TED’s Most Powerful Ideas.

    Keren Elazari Speaking Videos

    Keren Elazari - Cybersecurity
    Keren Elazari - Hackers: the internet's immune system

    Keren Elazari Keynote Topics

    Based on her brilliant TED speech which has millions of views and is one of the most watched TED talks in the history of the channel on cybersecurity, Keren will talk about how good hacking is as integral to security as good bacteria is to health. As Elazari describes it, the Internet would become static without hackers.

    Covid-19 has brought a whole new set of cyber security problems for companies, as remote work has become the norm. In this presentation, Keren will talk about all the new security problems that companies are facing, how bad hackers are exploiting them, and what your organization can do to prevent them.

    Wars are not only fought by air, sea, or land anymore. Wars are also fought in the cyber space. Nowadays, nations are also building their cyber defenses up and we even have Nation-State cyber attacks on corporations and critical infrastructures. Keren will talk about this brand new world in this presentation and what it means for companies and organizations.

    Not all hackers are bad. Keren is known as a 'white hat hacker' and these friendly hackers have a lot to bring to protect the Internet from bad actors and keep improving the cyber security. In this presentation, Keren will talk about the future of the industry from a friendly hacker's perspective.

    The hacker mindset is about thinking about all of the possibilities in any situation. The hacker is always looking for every possible loophole and security flaw. In this presentation, Keren will tap into the Hacker Mindset and help your team and organization think like a hacker to improve processes.

    Hackers are on the forefront of cybersecurity and always pushing the boundries of innovation in the space. In this presentation, your organization will learn all these valuables lessons from the hacker's mindset that can be applied to push innovation within your organization as well.

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