Cybersecurity Speaker Kevin Mitnick

Kevin Mitnick

The World’s Most Famous Hacker & Cybersecurity Speaker

Once the world’s most notorious hacker, Kevin Mitnick may now be its most entertaining cybersecurity speaker. Corporations and governments turn to Mitnick to identify network vulnerabilities, and the general public devours his best-selling books. Organizations around the world build their event schedules around Mitnick’s candid, funny, and enlightening presentations.

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    Kevin Mitnick biography

    From the FBI’s Most Wanted list to the world’s most trusted cybersecurity speaker, Kevin Mitnick has seen it all. As a keynote speaker, Kevin Mitnick’s presentations are equal parts education and entertainment. His audiences thrill to live demonstrations of the latest hacking techniques and tales from Mitnick’s colorful past. Above all, they feel empowered by Mitnick’s message: the stakes have never been higher, and anyone can guard against cybercrime.

    Black Hat to White Hat

    Arrested in 1995 after hacking into more than 40 major networks, Mitnick was the most celebrated hacker in history. His motivations were simple: not money or malice, but the love of a difficult challenge. Now he wears a white hat as the founder and CEO of Mitnick Security Consulting. Organizations hire Mitnick to break into their systems and report back exactly how he did so. He also serves as Chief Hacking Officer of KnowBe4, which offers the world’s leading security awareness training programs.

    His youthful exploits relied on the same methods that malicious hackers use to this day, most notably social engineering. His answer to modern-day cybercrime begins with people. Organizations can best protect themselves by training end users to identify and resist attempts to gather sensitive information. Governments and Fortune 500 companies seek his advice on training staff to recognize hacking attempts before they become catastrophes.

    Away from the Keyboard: Bestselling Author & Cybersecurity Speaker

    Besides traveling around the world giving speeches for Fortune 500 companies and consulting, speaker Kevin Mitnick is also bestselling author.

    Mitnick’s books have been translated into more than 20 languages and have earned a global readership. They include The Art of Intrusion: The Real Story Behind the Exploits of Hackers, Intruders, and Deceivers, The Art of Deception: Controlling the Human Element of Security, and The Art of Invisibility: The World’s Most Famous Hacker Teaches You How to be Safe in the Age of Big Brother and Big Data. Each of which explores the human side of hacking. A memoir, Ghost in the Wires: My Adventures as the World’s Most Wanted Hacker, became a NYT Bestseller in 2019.

    Kevin Mitnick Speaking Videos

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    Kevin Mitnick Keynote Topics

    In this 60-minute keynote, delivered virtually or in-person, audience members will follow along as Kevin hacks multiple systems in real time and exposes just how vulnerable individuals - and enterprises - really are.

    This presentation will:

    - Keep audience members engaged and entertained as they see real hacks in action
    - Reinforce organizational messaging around raising security awareness
    - Highlight the most current cyber threats and exploits
    - Educate audiences about their own susceptibility to social engineering

    In Hacked, Kevin creates a custom hacking experience for your organization or attendees, showcasing not just the power of social engineering in the hands of a competent hacker, but also the latest threats that you may be exposed to today.

    Throughout the presentation, Kevin will share stories, experiences, and history of his most thrilling exploits and successful infiltrations.

    This customizable presentation is ideal for:

    - Enterprise organizations looking to reinforce security awareness education
    - Cybersecurity conferences that need to wow audiences at all levels of experience and security expertise.

    When it comes to fishing, you can reel in a big catch with the right bait. Cyber “phishing” is no different; all a hacker needs is a clever backstory and a little deceit to turn your employees into suckerfish.

    Now more than ever, remote employees are being caught in malicious social engineering nets. Knowing all-too-well that many companies aren’t taking proper security measures and that employees are distracted while working from home, bad actors posing as trusted sources are tricking your staff into clicking infected links and sharing private information to hack their way into your servers.

    How do you prevent users from falling hook, line, and sinker? Better protection starts with proper awareness and education.

    Kevin Mitnick, the world’s most famous hacker, will use live demonstrations to illustrate how cyber criminals take advantage of your employee’s trust through the art of social engineering.

    This acclaimed presentation will entertain your employees while educating them about the latest cyber threats— risks many don't even know exist! This eye-opening exposé demonstrates just how easily anyone can be tricked into handing over the keys to the kingdom. Not only will listeners hear real-life accounts of Kevin’s pentesting exploits and see live hacks right before their eyes, but “Hook, Line, and Sinker” will also explore the psychology of deception— from the neuroscience behind why we take the bait to cognitive defenses anyone can use to swim smoothly through an ocean of digital threats.

    Formerly one of the FBI’s “Most Wanted” targets for his elite hacking, there’s no one more qualified than Kevin to talk about the art of cyber deception. Your audience will watch in pure astonishment as the most elusive digital trickster in history shares a live look inside the mind of a hacker.

    This presentation:

    - Is ideal for remote and newly-remote teams
    - Includes customizable, real hacking demonstrations from Kevin Mitnick
    - Includes a live Q&A
    - Will help users - and organizations - improve their security posture, at home and in the office.

    When it comes to hacking, the average person has no idea how it actually works. And while - just like magic - cyber breaches often seem to appear out of nowhere, hacking is often not always as mysterious as you may think.

    As the “Houdini of Hackers” Kevin Mitnick is known for his spellbinding live demonstrations, where he lifts the veil to show, step-by-step, what real hackers are hiding up their sleeves.

    Bad actors use information about your company and your employees against you, posing as trusted sources to gain access into your networks. These “social engineers” use human psychology to deceive you and your workforce; and in this talk, we’re drawing back the curtains to reveal their biggest tricks.

    There’s no one more qualified than Kevin to talk about the art of cyber deception: his real-life exploits once put him on the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list. Today, audiences watch in pure amazement, and being astonished by the most elusive digital trickster in history shares a live look inside the mind of a hacker.

    In this presentation, Kevin:

    - Shares his story, beginning with how he’d hack for fun and out of curiosity, to his life on the run, to becoming the cyber security consultant to the world’s top organizations
    - Demonstrations live, the very latest threats and social engineering tactics used by bad actors
    - Answers your audience’s top questions about hacking, staying safe, and avoiding malicious magic tricks.

    Hackers are a lot like stage magicians. Both capitalize on the art of deception to fool you into seeing what they want you to believe. Whereas magicians use cunning sleight-of-hand tricks to distract from what’s really happening, social engineers hack from behind the digital curtain, gaining stealthy access into your systems.

    It only takes one employee to click a malicious link, or one stranger to plug a malware-injected drive into your computer, and it’s showtime for a bad actor. Elite hacks can happen in seconds, and be timed to activate after idle periods on your device. With today’s incredible technology, it’s a case of “Now You See It, Now You Don’t” cyber magic— leaving users none-the-wiser that they were breached.

    Who better to demystify this magic than the “Houdini of Hackers,” Kevin Mitnick? Once one of the FBI’s “Most Wanted” due to his elite hacking, today, Kevin is one of the good guys, helping organizations across the globe improve their security posture and awareness. Over 1 million people take part in Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training every year.

    In this technological magic show, your audience will be spellbound as the most elusive digital trickster in history shares a live look inside the mind of a hacker.

    Just like you never know what a magician might pull out of his hat, it’s hard to guess what tricks a hacker might have stuffed up his sleeve. Both have a whole bag of tricks at their disposal to fool you.

    In today’s digital-forward landscape, bad actors are more motivated than ever to gain illicit access to your organization’s systems— conjuring up clever ruses to gain entry. These “social engineers” masquerade as trusted sources, hoodwinking your staff into sharing any information they can get their hands on to skirt past your best defenses.

    Just as a magician is best positioned to recognize a magician’s tricks, who better than a former hacker to showcase the tricks and tactics behind today’s most mysterious cyberthreats. While your users are undoubtedly the weakest link in your network security, better protection simply starts with proper awareness and education.

    Coined the “Houdini of Hackers” for his spellbinding live demonstrations, the world’s most famous hacker— Kevin Mitnick— takes the stage to reveal, step-by-step, the tricks that real hackers are hiding up their sleeves.

    As a previous FBI’s “Most Wanted” target for his elite hacking, there’s no one more qualified than Kevin to talk about the art of cyber deception. Watch in pure amazement as the most elusive digital trickster in history shares a live look inside the mind of a hacker.

    In this presentation, Kevin:

    - Reveals the secrets he learned while becoming the world’s most wanted hacker and passes those secrets on to your audience
    - Provides live demonstrations of the very threats and social engineering tactics used by bad actors targeting your organization
    - Answers your audience’s top questions about hacking, staying safe, and avoiding malicious attacks.

    People think that hackers are just skilled with computers. They understand logic and can program— and that’s it. But hackers are masterminds at deception; and it’s their extraordinary understanding of the psychology of trust that gets them past your defenses.

    The best malware is nothing without the cunning force behind the script. These “social engineers” do the hard work: researching your company, acquiring bread crumbs of information, and investing the time to build a relationship with your staff before deploying their attack. They’re patient and precise, posing as authority figures or trusted vendors to slip in unnoticed. Whether it’s clicking a malicious link or holding the door open for the friendly Fire Inspector, hackers disguise their intentions through extraordinary feats of deception.

    But what if you could get inside the mind of a hacker? If you could spot their tricks in action, you’d be much less likely to be fooled. The good news is, with the right help, you can see past the ruse.

    Say hello to Kevin Mitnick.

    Kevin was once on the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list for hacking into 40 major corporations just for the fun of it. Today, Kevin ethically hacks for a living, as the CEO for the globally-renowned cybersecurity corporation: Mitnick Security. As the Chief Hacking Officer at KnowBe4, Kevin’s Security Awareness Training program is virtually attended by over one million people every year. Professionally speaking, there’s no one more qualified than Kevin to explain the art of cyber deception.

    Through live demonstrations, Kevin will illustrate exactly how cybercriminals take advantage of your employee’s trust through a practice called social engineering. In each live hack, he’ll open your eyes to the psychology behind the attack, and arm every listener with the awareness and tactics they need to spot bad actors before they compromise your systems. A must-watch talk to unravel the mysterious yet fascinating art of digital deception, this will be a presentation your audience remembers for years to come.

    A Scripted Conversation with Live Hacking by the world's most famous hacker, Kevin Mitnick. This conference is better suited for corporate clients who wish to show their audience - employees, top clients, partners - that they take seriously cybersecurity. Kevin Mitnick will work with them to create a scripted speech / fireside chat with a moderator that will rely the important messages that the company wants to pass, at the same time that they enjoy a performance with live hacking demos and amazing stories by the world's top hacker and cybersecurity expert.

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