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Kim Scott

Co-founder and CEO of Radical Candor, Author



Radical Candor: How to be a kickass boss without losing your humanity or crushing your team
Candor, Inc has developed a framework called Radical Candor that helps make giving impromptu feedback feel more natural. Giving feedback is deeply uncomfortable for most people, but a profoundly important part of learning to be a good leader. Criticizing others can feel brutal, and praising them can feel patronizing. Giving feedback is hard, but it’s just the beginning. It’s equally as important to get feedback (especially criticism) from others, and encourage it between them. Kim will explain the Radical Candor framework, and describe how you can use to improve your impromptu feedback, solicit it from others, and encourage it between the people you work most closely with.
Gender Conversations
Our live workshop begins with storytelling around Kim Scott’s first-hand experience with this dilemma. Then we lay out the framework of Radical Candor and give our improvisational actors/ facilitators the chance to bring that framework to life on stage for the workshop attendees. This
allows us to use the power of humor to point out all the ways we fail and succeed at communication.
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Kim Scott - Radical Candor - The Surprising Secret to Being a Good Boss