Marketing Speaker Lars Silberbauer

Lars Silberbauer

CMO Nokia Phones; Former Global Head of Brand, Marketing and Digital at the OIympics (IOC); Former Senior Global Director of Social Media & Video, Lego

Speaker Lars Silberbauer, currently the CMO at Nokia Phones, has a notable history in digital marketing and strategy. Renowned for his transformative work at Lego, where he developed a successful digital and social media presence, he later served as Senior Vice-President at Viacom's MTV Digital Studios and worked in Marketing and Digital at the Olympics (IOC). Recognized as one of Europe's top marketers by The Holmes Report, Silberbauer's career is marked by significant digital innovations and leadership.

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    Lars Silberbauer biography

    Keynote speaker Lars Silberbauer is the CMO at Nokia Phones. Previously, he served in Marketing and Digital at the Olympics (IOC). According to The Holmes Report, he is one of the top 25 most prominent marketers in Europe today. By formulating his own strategy and putting the team together, Silberbauer turned Lego into a global digital force. Lars assisted Lego in becoming successful on video and social media platforms. He then went on to become Senior Vice-President of Viacom’s MTV Digital Studios.

    Lars obtained a MA in Media Science, a BA in Film and Media Science, and a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration.

    Speaker Lars Silberbauer spent eight years in broadcasting television before joining Lego. During those eight years, he held various positions, including Head of Social Media for the Danish Broadcasting Network. He began his remarkable career at Lego in 2011 as a Social Media Strategist. Lars quickly rose through the ranks to become the company’s Head of Social Media.

    Lars designed and implemented Lego’s social media engagement strategy from the ground up. He oversaw a global team of social media and search marketers that interacted with consumers in real-time. As a result of his extensive experience in content and publishing, he managed to take the Lego Group’s digital content marketing to a whole new level. Thanks to him, Lego TV made its debut in 24 markets in 2014, gaining a total of over 12 million fans. Moreover, the YouTube channel has received over one billion views in a single year. When he started working for Lego, there was no such thing as a Lego Facebook page. However, by 2015, Adweek had ranked Lego as the number one brand on YouTube and social media. 

    Silberbauer is now responsible for the creative development and production of MTV’s digital originals, as well as the management of the company’s digital brand social channels, such as “Cribs” and “TRL.” He assists the company in its efforts to expand across platforms as it adapts classic shows for digital distribution and releases new series.

    In addition, Lars Silberbauer is a famous speaker at leading conferences around the world. His lectures provide fascinating insights into the work of one of the world’s most influential figures in digital transformation.

    Lars Silberbauer Speaking Videos

    Lars Silberbauer - E-waste, sustainability in tech and digital detox
    Lars Silberbauer at Cannes Lions - LEGO's Social Media Strategy

    Lars Silberbauer Keynote Topics

    When Lars Silberbauer was hired by LEGO, the brand had no social media presence, had no YouTube channel, and was losing the digital battle against its competitors. Within a few years, Lars reversed the situation, grew LEGO's Facebook to over 12 million fans and got its YouTube channel to over a billion views a year. This impressive digital transformation saved the company and grew their sales numbers to new heights. In this keynote, Lars Silberbauer, an expert in social networks and digital marketing, will showcase the strategy he implemented at LEGO to build their social presence in no time into a powerhouse and will teach how your company can apply it as well.

    Since the emergence of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more recently Snapchat and TikTok, the world has changed forever. Social networks and digital marketing have become an imperative for business survival. Brands that do not have a strong presence in social media often lose against their competitors. What is the future of social networks and online marketing? Lars Silberbauer, expert in social networks, digital marketing and digital transformation will tell in this speech where these sectors are heading and how to get the most out of each network for your business.

    When Lars Silberbauer walked through the doors of LEGO in 2011 as the new social media strategist, they didn't even have a Facebook page. Today LEGO has well over 12 million followers on Facebook and more than three million on YouTube where they've just knocked up five billion lifetime views. The big idea behind their social media campaigns is to leave the thinking to their fans. He says the creative power of the crowd is infinitely greater.

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