HR Speaker Lucy Adams

Lucy Adams

CEO of Disruptive HR and Former HR Director, BBC

Companies’ fortunes rest on the talents of their personnel, and no HR executive has redefined the field like Lucy Adams. The BBC’s Director of HR during a troublesome period, Adams now helps businesses worldwide as CEO of Disruptive HR. Organizations that seek to give their members an edge in hiring, retention, and engagement turn to Adams for inspiring keynote addresses.

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    Lucy Adams biography

    HR speaker Lucy Adams helped guide the fortunes of the world’s largest broadcaster, and now helps business leaders worldwide. A popular keynote speaker, Lucy Adams shows how leaders can weather tumultuous times by creating opportunities for meaningful change.

    In a profession not known for bold innovation, Lucy Adams stands out as a true pioneer. One of HR’s most successful and trailblazing thinkers, Adams advises a worldwide clientele on fresh perspectives for HR.

    When Adams was appointed Director of the BBC’s HR operation, she was faced with a top-heavy and often staid workforce. By strategically reducing the BBC’s management ranks by 30%, she saved the organization more than £25m per year. Over five years, Adams served four Directors General while overseeing a corporation-wide move and managing inherited scandals. In the face of those challenges, she modernized HR policy for the BBC’s more than 20,000 employees.

    Adams then founded Disruptive HR to bring her innovative spirit and deep expertise to a global audience. She leads a team that helps HR officials and C-suite executives rethink the way they attract, retain, and engage talent. Disruptive HR has consulted with HSBC, Siemens, Accenture, and many other leading corporations. Adams and her team reach thousands of members each month through her online training network, the Disruptive HR Club.

    She has distilled her wisdom in two bestselling books. HR: Disrupted and The HR Change Toolkit form a complete guide to rethinking business leadership and implementing constructive change.

    Lucy Adams Speaking Videos

    Lucy Adams - Reinventing HR
    Lucy Adams - HR in a disrupted world

    Lucy Adams Keynote Topics

    A key focus for Lucy and Disruptive HR right now is how leaders and HR professionals can make sure they don't just go back to normal - but use the current crisis to springboard into something better - a better normal! In this session, Lucy will cover the following:

    · How HR and leadership practices need to change fundamentally to keep pace with the needs of our organisations and our people
    · How the practices that we have seen during the crisis can be built upon to ensure that they create something better in the future
    · Practical examples of how progressive organisations are already implementing these new trends
    · How leaders and HR can become more agile, more responsive and more credible by changing the way they work and deliver.

    Lucy Adams, CEO of Disruptive HR and former HR director of the BBC during one of its most turbulent times, will talk about some of the biggest challenges facing leaders and HR today:

    • How to lead, manage, engage and develop people in the 21st century
    • How to create fresh and workable people solutions that meet the demands of a disrupted world
    • How to manage change and to build resilience.

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