Nobel Prize Speaker M. Stanley Whittingham

M. Stanley Whittingham

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2019. Pioneer in Lithium-ion Batteries

2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry awardee. Speaker M. Stanley Whittingham is the inventor of lithium-ion batteries and the one who laid the groundwork for a society free of fossil fuels. Organizations book M. Stanley Whittingham to learn about the future of battery production.

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    M. Stanley Whittingham biography

    Nobel Prize speaker M. Stanley Whittingham is a leader in the development of new synthetic approaches and new materials. He was a research vice provost at University from 1994 until 2000. Additionally, he was the Research Foundation of the State University of New York’s Vice-Chair. Furthermore, he became NAATBatt International’s Chief Scientific Officer in 2017. At present, speaker M. Stanley Whittingham serves at Binghamton University as a Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Materials Science and Engineering. 

    In 2017, Whittingham used to co-chair the DOE study of Chemical Energy Storage. Currently, he is the Northeastern Center for Chemical Energy Storage’s Director. The U.S. Department of Energy gave NECCES $12.8 million in 2014 to facilitate the scientific discoveries required to develop a robust 21st-century economy. The Department of Energy gave NECCES an additional $3 million in 2018 to extend its battery research. NECCES utilized the money to improve the performance of energy storage materials. Furthermore, they used it to create new environmentally friendly materials that have more storage capabilities.

    Thanks to his invention of lithium-ion batteries, Whittingham received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2019. Lithium ions were found to generate electricity when held between titanium sulfide plates. Laptops, tablets, cellphones, and the majority of electric vehicles are all powered by lithium-ion batteries. Whittingham and his team laid the groundwork for a society free of fossil fuels.

    A large part of their research focuses on discovering novel materials that will improve energy storage. Single-phase reactions have recently been found to play a significant role in the discharge of battery electrodes, which was previously unknown to scientists. Ultimately, they want to increase the storage capacity of electrochemical devices so that solar and wind energy may be economically viable and electric vehicles can run for longer at a lower cost. 

    Stanley Whittingham received several awards, including the Turnbull Award from the Materials Research Society and the Senior Scientist Award from the International Society for Solid State Ionics.

    M. Stanley Whittingham Speaking Videos

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    M. Stanley Whittingham Keynote Topics

    In this keynote speech, M. Stanley Whittingham, a Nobel laureate in chemistry, discusses the future of battery production. Drawing on his expertise in developing lithium-ion batteries, Whittingham explores the current state of battery technology and its potential for advancing energy storage and sustainability. He also shares insights on the challenges facing the industry, such as scaling up production and improving safety, and offers perspectives on how these can be addressed to unlock the full potential of battery technology.

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