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Marcus Buckingham

Best-selling Author and Guru on Leadership & Management Practices

A widely recognized business expert and thought leader who was featured in The New York Times, Fast Company, Fortune, and more. Speaker Marcus Buckingham believes that when people use their skills to work on what they love, both the individual and their organizations will win. Organizations book Marcus Buckingham to learn about effective team leadership, and how to win at work by showing what you are really worth.

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    Marcus Buckingham biography

    Management speaker Marcus Buckingham centers his research on unlocking strengths, enhancing performance, and improving how individuals will work in the future. He has approximately twenty years of experience as a Senior Researcher at the Gallup Organization. Marcus serves as the Head of People + Performance research at the ADP Research Institute, where he directs the organizational vision. 

    In 2006, he launched The Marcus Buckingham Company aiming to ignite a “strengths revolution” around the world. It originated from the idea that when people use their skills to work on what they love, both the individual and their organizations will win.

    Speaker Marcus Buckingham is a widely recognized business expert and thought leader. He has become part of several publications. These include The New York Times, Fast Company, Fortune, USA Today, Harvard Business Review, and The Wall Street Journal. Marcus has also appeared on several television shows, such as “The Today Show,” “Larry King Live,” and “Oprah Winfrey Show.” 

    Companies such as Facebook, Toyota, Coca-Cola, lululemon, Wells Fargo, Master Foods, Disney, and Microsoft regularly praise him as an incredible resource for informing and challenging individuals to discover their own skills and talents and sustain long-term personal success. Marcus is currently the director of People + Performance research at the ADP Research Institute. Moreover, he continues to serve as The Marcus Buckingham Company’s chief executive.

    Nine Lies About Work: A Freethinking Leader’s Guide to the Real World is Marcus’ most recent book. It analyzes the lies that dominate our workplaces and the fundamental truths that will enable us to change this situation.

    Every speech Marcus gives highlights the relationship between strengths-driven, motivated people and business basics such as customer satisfaction levels,  turnover rates,  earnings, and productivity. Marcus’s strengths-based approach focuses on getting to the heart of what motivates people to become successful.

    Marcus Buckingham Speaking Videos

    Marcus Buckingham - Competitive Advantage
    Marcus Buckingham - Nine Lies About Work

    Marcus Buckingham Keynote Topics

    What the research reveals about the real world of work:
    • Examine the 9 lies that are pervasive in our organizations.
    • Learn the truths behind them, backed by data and research.
    • Discover how you can become a Freethinking Leader.
    There are some big lies running through our organizational lives. Nine lies, to be exact. They cause dysfunction and frustration and ultimately result in a strange feeling of unreality that pervades our workplaces.
    Marcus discusses the real world of work, as it is and as it should be — and reveals the few core truths that will help you show just how good you are to those who truly rely on you.

    What the best team leaders do differently:
    • Discover the one ritual that all great team leaders have in common.
    • Learn the single concept that the best team leaders apply with their teams.
    • Identify your particular strengths as a team leader.

    How to build a culture of performance:
    • Learn the one thing that sets great leaders apart.
    • Explore the 4 levers that leaders use to create a high-performing culture.
    • Get clear about your organization’s core strengths.

    How to drive personal performance:
    • Discover the approach that characterizes the most successful people in the world.
    • Pinpoint your competitive advantage.
    • Learn how to apply your competitive advantage at work.

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