Sustainability Speaker Mari Copeny

Mari Copeny

Youth Activist for Access to Clean Water; Known as "Little Miss Flint"

At just 16, speaker Mari Copeny, also known as Little Miss Flint, has become a formidable advocate for social and environmental justice in Flint, Michigan. Her activism, sparked by a letter to President Obama that brought national attention to Flint's water crisis, has led to significant aid for the community and raised over $700,000 for local projects. Mari's efforts, from promoting clean water solutions to addressing environmental racism, have made her a prominent voice in national media and a hopeful future leader.

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    Mari Copeny biography

    Speaker Mari Copeny, affectionately known as Little Miss Flint, has emerged as a formidable advocate for social justice and environmental activism at the tender age of 16. Mari captured the national spotlight with a poignant letter to President Obama, highlighting the dire water crisis in her hometown. Her compelling words not only brought the President to Flint but also resulted in a significant $100 million relief fund to address the city’s water contamination issue.

    Despite her youth, Mari’s influence extends far beyond her years. She has become a symbol of resilience and hope, challenging environmental racism and shedding light on the severe consequences of governmental neglect. Her unyielding spirit and dedication to amplifying the voices of those affected by toxic infrastructure have made her an undeniable force in the fight for clean water and environmental justice.

    Speaker Mari Copeny: from Little Miss Flint to Future Leader

    In 2017, Mari’s commitment to making a difference saw her become a national youth ambassador for the Women’s March on Washington and the National Climate Mari. A staunch advocate against bullying, she collaborates with Trendsetters Productions and is an integral part of the Flint Youth Justice League. Additionally, Mari’s leadership roles include serving on the 2019 Kid Box board of directors and actively participating in Eighteen by 18, a youth-led initiative founded by mentor Yara Shahidi. Her voice has resonated at the March for Science, advocating for her community and addressing the impacts of Flint’s water crisis. Recognizing her influence, a doll company, Lottie, has crafted a doll in her likeness, celebrating her as a role model.

    Through her Flint Kids projects, speaker Mari Copeny has raised over $700,000, benefiting countless children with school supplies, holiday toys, and more. Her efforts to distribute books by authors of color and to transition from bottled water to sustainable water filters through a partnership with Hydroviv underscore her commitment to community well-being and also environmental sustainability.

    Featured in leading publications like Teen Vogue, The Guardian, and also TIME for her activism, Mari Copeny has made it clear that her journey is just beginning. With aspirations to run for president in 2044, Mari embodies the potential for young leaders to drive meaningful change and inspire a new generation of activists.

    Mari Copeny Speaking Videos

    Joe Biden and 'Little Miss Flint' Mari Copeny Discuss Climate Change
    'Little Miss Flint' continues to fight for clean water access for all

    Mari Copeny Keynote Topics

    Mari Copeny discusses the pivotal role young people can play in addressing environmental crises, drawing from her own experience as Little Miss Flint. She explores strategies for effective activism and how youth can leverage social media and public speaking to influence policy and raise awareness.

    This talk highlights Mari's transition from writing a personal letter to President Obama to becoming a globally recognized advocate for clean water and social justice. She shares insights on building movements, engaging with policymakers, and the importance of community in driving sustainable change.

    Mari delves into how environmental issues like the Flint water crisis disproportionately affect marginalized communities. She discusses the importance of addressing environmental racism, advocating for equitable solutions, and the role of empathy in understanding and solving these complex issues.

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