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Mariana Atencio

Motivational Speaker, Peabody Award-Winning Journalist & Bestselling Author

Top motivational speaker Mariana Atencio is an award-winning journalist & the bestselling author of Perfectly You. She offers audiences a proven formula to increase productivity, well-being and success on their own terms. Her viral TEDx talk "What makes you special?" has over 14 million views and it's one of the Top 10 TEDx talks on YouTube. Mariana develops and crafts every keynote speech to create a transformational experience for each client and regularly speaks for Forune500 organizations like Microsoft, Spotify, LinkedIn, UBS or CitiBank.

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    Mariana Atencio biography

    Mariana Atencio is a next-generation top motivational speaker. Her viral TEDxtalkWhat Makes You Special?” has +14M views and is in the top 10 most watched on Youtube.

    Above all, Mariana is a bestselling author & award-winning journalist. The Huffington Post described her as one of the “Top Young Voices in American Newsrooms”. During the last decade she studied the key questions on what it means to achieve balance and happiness in the 21st century.

    Mariana Atencio is a Motivational Speaker & Bestselling Author

    In short, Mariana is trailblazer with a fresh, global perspective on how to get what you want in life. She achieves it through resilience, innovation and self-awareness. In addition, Mariana offers a proven formula to increase productivity, well-being and success in your own terms.

    Her first book, Perfectly You: Embracing the Power of Being Realbecame an instant bestseller. The book is a call to action to unlock the magic of both our personal and professional potential.

    As a popular motivational speaker, Mariana Atencio speaks regularly for Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Her keynote topics include innovation & productivity; diversity; inclusion & belonging, and personal development. She has shared her transformative message with Microsoft, CitiBank, LinkedIn, UBS, Nasdaq and Spotify, just to name a few.

    Peabody Award–Winning Journalist

    Mariana is a former anchor and reporter at NBC and Univision. She has appeared on the BBC, The Today Show; Good Morning America and The Daily Show. Currently, Mariana is featured on the award-winning HBO series “Habla Now” as one of the leaders defining the Latin Experience in America.

    In 2018, she co-founded her own production company, GoLike. Above all, GoLike secured successful deals with Wells Fargo, McDonalds, National Geographic, the U.S. Census Bureau and many more. Additionally, Hello Magazine listed GoLike as one of the 100 most powerful Latina businesses.

    Moreover, Mariana’s work has won a Peabody, a Gracie, and an IRE award. In addition, she won Columbia University Journalism School’s “First Decade Award” and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists Presidential Award.

    Mariana is highly embraced by her social media community for her uplifting messages of inclusiveness and authenticity.

    Mariana Atencio Speaking Videos

    Mariana Atencio - What makes you special?
    Mariana Atencio - Virtual Keynote Speaker Reel

    Mariana Atencio Keynote Topics

    The coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone to adapt and transform, whether we wanted to or not. For Mariana, a breaking news journalist with over a decade of experience covering natural disasters, protests, and mass shootings, the ability to be nimble and reinvent oneself has always been key to survival. Through her interactions with people during some of the worst days of their lives, Mariana has learned about kindness, forgiveness, and resilience. In this timely talk, she shares her insights and provides practical strategies for audiences to react to the current changes, reclaim their power, embrace failure, and reinvent themselves.

    Mariana's powerful speech on authenticity explores the innate human desire to fit in and the tendency to minimize unique traits over time. She discusses how this process can result in a loss of sense of self and how it hindered her own success in the marketplace. Mariana shares how recognizing and celebrating her differences helped her to stand out and how this can be done by others as well. She emphasizes the power of authenticity in strengthening teams and making an impact on the world, and also provides insights on how to tap into one's authenticity in an age of filters and social media.

    With a decade of experience in traditional television and social media and a Peabody award for journalism under her belt, Mariana knows how to craft authentic stories that build bridges and create change. In this talk, she shows how the principles of authentic storytelling used in television can be applied by brands to engage customers and employees. Mariana emphasizes the lasting impact of an authentic message, whether it is spoken, written, or recorded, and provides guidance on how to create a message that sticks and leaves a lasting impact.

    One of the biggest challenges facing executives today is fostering a sense of belonging among their diverse and inclusive workforce. When employees feel connected and valued, they are more likely to express themselves freely and share their ideas, leading to greater creativity and a willingness to take risks. In this talk, Mariana, the only Latina National correspondent on NBC news, shares insights and tools for executives on how to attract diverse talent in the 21st century and cultivate a sense of belonging within their organizations. She discusses the importance of championing and celebrating different cultures and perspectives and provides exercises like "Your Top 3s" to help attendees discover and embrace their own unique qualities. Through her experience leading global conferences like the Spotify Annual Conference and the United Nations Girl Up Summit, Mariana guides attendees on how to create a sense of belonging that supports and empowers their workforce talent.

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