Technology Speaker Marita Cheng

Marita Cheng

Founder of Robogals, Aipoly & Aubot; Forbes Worlds Top 50 Women in Tech

Chosen as one of the World’s Top 50 Women In Tech by Forbes in 2018. Speaker Marita Cheng has helped design a revolutionary robot to assist children with cancer take part in school classes from the hospital. Organizations book Marita Cheng for her extensive knowledge in AI, engineering, and how to manage teams across the globe thanks to technology.

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    Marita Cheng biography

    Technology speaker Marita Cheng AM was Australia’s youngest Member of the Order in 2019. Forbes included her in the World’s Top 50 Women In Tech list in 2018. Furthermore, Marita was awarded the 2012 Young Australian of the Year, and Forbes 30 Under 30 2016. She is an entrepreneur who specializes in technology and is also an advocate for women who are passionate about technology.

    Marita Cheng founded Aubot, the maker of Teleport, a telepresence robot designed to assist children with cancer take part in school classes from the hospital. It also helps disabled individuals attend work, and elderlies socialize. Several coworking spaces, offices, and museums have bought Teleports to help cancer patients. Aubot also conducts research and development in virtual reality, robotic arms, and autonomous navigation and mapping.

    Aubot has received international recognition thanks to the 2016 Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list and thanks to VentureBeat magazine. Speaker Marita Cheng has presented Teleport at the 2014 World Entrepreneurship Forum in Lyon, the 2016 M.A.P. International CEO Conference, and the 2015 MIT Technology Review EmTech conference.

    Marita spent ten weeks in the flagship program of Singularity University. She created Aipoly while there. Aipoly’s debut application helps visually impaired people identify items on smartphones thanks to convolutional neural networks. Aipoly has had over 500,000 downloads since its CES debut in January 2016. The app is available in several different languages.

    Moreover, Marita is the Executive Director and Founder of Robogals, which aims to empower young women to realize their full potential. The group organizes career talks, workshops, and many other activities.

    Robogals has helped thousands of girls coming from 11 different countries. Robogals has had worldwide recognition thanks to the Change Agent Award for women in tech. It has also obtained the Global Engineering Deans Council Diversity in Engineering Award and the YouthActionNet International Youth Foundation Fellowship.

    Marita Cheng Speaking Videos

    Marita Cheng - If the blind could see
    Marita Cheng - We Need to Teach Our Kids to be Makers

    Marita Cheng Keynote Topics

    Learn how Marita Cheng went from small town girl living in government housing to conquering the globe as one of Forbes Top 50 Women in Tech in the World, and the second youngest person to become a Member of the Order of Australia. Noticing the limited number of girls in her engineering class, at the age of 19, Marita founded Robogals to inspire girls into robotics, growing the organization into an international movement. She followed that up with artificial intelligence company Aipoly to help the blind identify objects in real time, which resonated with millions of people. And robotics company Aubot, making robots to help people in their everyday lives. Hold on tight as pocket rocket Marita shares how she changed the world.

    Key Takeaways:

    - The only failure is failure to try
    - Do your best at what’s in front of you, and more opportunities will present themselves
    - Choose yourself

    As the founding CEO of Robogals, Marita led thousands of volunteers throughout the USA, Australia, UK, Japan and New Zealand, to teach 140,000 girls robotics globally. To achieve this huge feat, Marita needed to manage and inspire teams across the globe to take actions - all through her computer. How do you motivate people when they're far away? How do you create community when your team is isolated from one another?

    From teaching thousands of girls how to build robots, to helping the blind navigate their daily lives, to building robots to assist people with disabilities, time and time again, Marita Cheng has managed to create projects with a global impact. Learn the methodology which Marita uses to create projects from just an idea to multi-million dollar enterprises impacting millions of people. From using known concepts such as “3 Month Goals” and “Accountability Buddies” to new ideas such as “The Wall of Change”, and the “Uncomfortable Zone” figure out how you too can choose a project and go from zero to “woah, what did I just create?” in a few short months.

    What’s actually happening in the world of artificial intelligence? What are people working on? What results are they seeing? Is it increasing productivity? Across the main industries, let’s look at a snapshot of artificial intelligence to see what’s happening. Marita Cheng, cofounder of artificial intelligence company Aipoly, which won Best of Innovation Awards at CES 2017 and 2018, will take you on this journey through the most exciting artificial intelligence companies and projects happening today.

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