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Mark Hyman

Practicing Physician, Best-Selling Author, Educator & Advocate in the Fields of Functional Medicine and Nutrition

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    Mark Hyman biography

    Dr. Mark Hyman has turned his passion for Functional Medicine, real food, nutrition, and wellness into activism, working to change our food system on a global scale.

    Through his work to change policy for the betterment of public health, Dr. Hyman has testified before the Senate Working Group on Health Care Reform on Functional Medicine. He has consulted with the surgeon general on diabetes prevention and participated in the 2009 White House Forum on Prevention and Wellness. Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa nominated Dr. Hyman for the President’s Advisory Group on Prevention, Health Promotion, and Integrative and Public Health.

    Additionally, Dr. Hyman has presented at the Clinton Foundation’s Health Matters, Achieving Wellness in Every Generation conference and the Clinton Global Initiative, as well as with the World Economic Forum on global health issues, TEDMED and TEDx. He is the winner of the Linus Pauling Award and the Nantucket Project Award.

    Dr. Hyman received the Christian Book of the Year Award for his work on The Daniel Plan, a faith-based initiative that helped Saddleback Church collectively lose 250,000 pounds that he created with Rick Warren, Dr. Mehmet Oz, and Dr. Daniel Amen. He was also inducted into the Books for Better Life Hall of Fame With Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. Michael Roizen.

    Speaker Mark Hyman crafted and helped introduce the Take Back Your Health Act of 2009 to the United States Senate, which promotes reimbursement for lifestyle treatment of chronic disease. With Tim Ryan in 2015, he helped introduce the ENRICH Act into Congress to fund nutrition in medical education.

    Dr. Hyman plays a substantial role in the major 2014 film Fed Up, produced by Laurie David and Katie Couric, which addresses childhood obesity.

    Mark Hyman Keynote Topics

    Dr. Mark Hyman says that self-care is the key to being a healthy human today. In fact, he says, eighty percent of health conditions can be solved without a physician. The health care system puts band aids on the symptoms and doesn't deal with the causes. "Don't treat disease," Hyman says. "Create health." You can do this by taking care of yourself and solving your own health issues. You're smarter than the healthcare system thinks you can be.

    Dig into the collaboration between medicine and technology and what kinds of benefits we can expect to see. From artificial intelligence helping us analyze data to virtual reality that provides a completely new view of an internal organ, we are living in an exciting time full of innovations that can excel medical care to new heights.

    To fix your broken brain, you must heal your body first. Dr. Hyman shows us how to correct imbalances caused by nutritional deficiencies, allergens, infections, toxins, and stress, restoring our health and gaining an UltraMind—one that’s highly focused, able to pay attention at will, has a strong memory, and leaves us feeling calm, confident, in control, and in good spirits.

    Mark Hyman Speaking Videos

    10 Steps to Reverse Autoimmune Disease
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