Motivational Speaker Mark Mathews

Mark Mathews

Professional Big Wave Surfer

Mark Mathews is a motivational speaker who has captivated audiences at top companies like Google, Sony, Intel, and MasterCard with his epic surf stories and footage. As a professional surfer and Red Bull Athlete, he is passionate about personal growth, high performance, and fulfillment. Mark Mathews has developed personalized techniques to build emotional resilience, strengthen mindset, and achieve sustained success.

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    Mark Mathews biography

    Motivational speaker Mark Mathews is a man who lives on the edge. He crosses the intersection of danger and excitement with ease. Fear is his constant companion, a companion that has crippled him in the past.

    One day, while surfing in Tasmania, Mark crashed into a reef just fifteen feet away from a shark-infested cliff. The impact was so severe that he blacked out, and when he came to, fear consumed him. The experience left him with a neck brace and in the hospital, wondering if he would ever surf again. However, it was during that moment of weakness that Mark made a life-changing decision – he would never let fear control him again.

    Speaker Mark Mathews is a man who is obsessed with personal growth, high performance, and fulfillment. He has spent countless hours deconstructing and fine-tuning techniques that help people adapt to stress and find wonder in their lives. He offers practical solutions for building emotional resilience, strengthening mindset, and achieving long-term success. Mathews believes that fear is not something to be avoided, but rather something to embrace. By overcoming our need for control and security, we can unlock the potential for greatness within ourselves. Together, Mark’s inspiring story and Mathews’ expertise offer a powerful message about overcoming fear and achieving greatness through personal growth and emotional resilience.

    Mark Mathews Speaking Videos

    How Mark Mathews Conquers Fear In The Biggest Waves On The Planet
    Mark Mathews - Face Your Biggest Fears and Bounce Back

    Mark Mathews Keynote Topics

    Discover the advantages of vision, purpose, and teamwork from a scientific standpoint, along with unconventional methods that challenge pessimistic mental attitudes and enhance innovation, motivation, and achievement.

    In this keynote, Mark discusses the physical advantages of cultivating gratitude as an emotional state. By sharing a touching personal story, he highlights the positive effects of gratitude, such as reduced stress, enhanced immune function, and stronger relationships. Mark motivates the audience to incorporate gratitude practices into their daily lives.

    In the unpredictable ocean environment, Mark knows that conditions can shift rapidly and violently. To navigate this dynamic environment, Mark and his team remain vigilant and adaptable, continually reevaluating the situation and adjusting their goals and strategies accordingly. This agility enables them to conquer even the most daunting challenges and surf the world's largest waves.

    Becoming a successful professional big wave surfer requires more than just a willingness to take risks. It requires the ability to take calculated risks to extricate oneself from a hazardous situation. Achieving this outcome necessitates meticulous preparation, effective communication, and laser focus.

    When confronted with the prospect of surfing massive waves that could potentially be deadly, Mark's mind begins to race, envisioning all the ways he could perish. If he doesn't control the resulting stress and anxiety, he arrives at the location physically drained, as if he's already endured numerous wipeouts. In this keynote, Mark reveals the methods and strategies he uses to manage this negative internal dialogue, allowing him to perform at his peak and avoid burnout when it matters most.

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