Finance Speaker Mark Zandi

Mark Zandi

Chief Economist, Moody's Analytics. Co-Founder, Moody's

Speaker Mark Zandi is a well-respected economic expert with a proven track record of providing unbiased advice to policymakers and reliable analysis to all types of audiences. His ability to clearly communicate complex subjects such as macroeconomics, financial markets, and public policy makes him a valuable resource for organizations looking to better understand the economic landscape.

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    Mark Zandi biography

    Finance speaker Mark Zandi leads the economic research efforts at Moody’s Analytics, a subsidiary of Moody’s Corp. The company provides financial and performance modelling. In addition, it offers consulting, software services, training, and economic research. Mark also co-founded, which Moody’s bought in 2005. He obtained both his BS and PhD in Pennsylvania.

    Dr. Zandi works at Reinvestment Fund, a financial institution that aims to invest in underserved communities. Furthermore, he is one of MGIC’s board of directors. MGIC is the biggest private mortgage insurance provider of the United States.

    Moreover, Mark Zandi is a policymakers’ adviser. He is also a sought-after economic analyst. Mark often leads meetings where he talks about the economy for trade associations, corporate boards, and policymakers.

    Dr. Zandi wrote highly rated books on the Great Recession. In these books he illustrates the fiscal and monetary response to a period of marked general decline that occurred worldwide between 2007 and 2009. Furthermore, he wrote Financial Shock, a book that delves deep into how to avoid the next financial crisis. The New York Times referred to the book as the best financial crisis’ guide. Dr. Zandi regularly talks on the Inside Economics podcast.

    A sought-after speaker, Mark Zandi is a highly respected economic expert who is known for providing non-partisan advice to policymakers and reliable analysis to a range of audiences, including businesses, media outlets, and the general public. He has a strong reputation for his ability to clearly explain complex topics such as macroeconomics, financial markets, and public policy. Mark has a deep understanding of the current economic landscape and the factors that have shaped it. His insights are valuable for business leaders and government officials seeking to succeed in a volatile financial environment.

    Mark Zandi Speaking Videos

    The amount of jobs being created shows there's not a recession, says Moody's Mark Zandi
    How The U.S. Economy Will Fundamentally Change: Mark Zandi

    Mark Zandi Keynote Topics

    In his speech "The New Global Equilibrium," Mark Zandi discusses the shift in the global market as growth begins to balance out after a period of dominance by emerging economies. He examines the impact of factors such as fiscal austerity and high global interest rates on the U.S. economy and the potential for a new equilibrium to be established. He also raises questions about the potential effects of aggressive ECB and banking integration on Europe, China's ability to reach its growth potential in the coming decade, and the stability of commodity prices.

    In "Financial Shock: Could It Happen Again?", Mark Zandi discusses the causes and global impacts of the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis, which was triggered by a once-obscure lending category and fueled by faulty reasoning and greed. He suggests that in order to prevent a similar crisis from occurring again, it is necessary to examine the deeper forces at play, including homeowner psychology, anti-regulatory sentiment, and the technology that facilitated complex global lending.

    In "The Great Recession: A Changed Landscape," Mark Zandi discusses the unprecedented nature of the economic downturn that began in 2007 and the ways in which it has impacted various aspects of the economy, including consumer spending, saving habits, credit markets, the labor force, and global trade dynamics. He also considers the path to recovery and the changes that may occur in markets and the regulatory environment as a result of the recession. Despite ongoing challenges, including high unemployment rates and a large number of home sales being foreclosures or short sales, there are signs of stabilization in certain areas and a belief that the worst of the layoffs is over. However, the potential impact of rising long-term interest rates on the recovery remains a concern.

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