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Michael B. Horn

Authority on the Future of Education and Blended Learning Expert; Co-founder, Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation

Listed as one of the 100 most influential people who contributed to pushing technology into education. Speaker Michael B. Horn aims to turn society into a place where everyone can pursue their passions and realize their potential. Organizations book Michael B. Horn to learn about upskilling and reskilling, how higher education can transform into a cost-effective model, why all students should have access to online training, and education post-pandemic.

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    Michael B. Horn biography

    Education speaker Michael B. Horn aims to turn society into a place where everyone can pursue their passions and realize their potential. His goal is to do so through speaking, writing, and working with several education organizations. He wrote several books on disrupting innovation, focusing on how this will change schools and the way we learn.

    His new book, From Reopen to Reinvent, came out in July 2022. In it, Michael presents a plan for reform of the education system. He suggests using leadership and innovation frameworks like “Jobs to Be Done” and “Begin with the End,” along with tools of cooperation and discovery-driven planning, to create a more effective and holistic approach to education. Above all, the book provides suggestions for dealing with current challenges and discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic exposed weaknesses in the education system’s flexibility and equity. It is aimed at K-12 educators, parents, school board members, and professionals working in education-related non-profits and state education agencies.

    Michael co-founded the non-profit Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation. In addition, he co-hosts two podcasts, Class Disrupted and Future U. Speaker Michael B. Horn often writes for Forbes and The Future of Education newsletter. The Washington Post, The New York Times, NBS, Harvard Business Review, and The Atlantic have all featured his work.

    Michael is a senior strategist at Guild Education, a company that partners with large businesses to provide education and training opportunities to the workforce of the United States of America. He is a venture partner with NextGen Venture Partners. Furthermore, he serves on numerous educational institutions’ boards and advisory councils.

    In 2014, Michael went to Korea and Vietnam to study their innovation in education. He also made it onto Tech&Learning magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people who contributed to pushing technology into education. Michael studied both at Yale University and Harvard Business School.

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    Michael B. Horn - Disrupting Class
    Michael B. Horn - How to be the Change in Education

    Michael B. Horn Keynote Topics

    When the COVID-19 pandemic imposed strict social distancing standards, many companies went digital by investing in robots, technology and automation. While that initially affected a segment of workers, digital learning strategist Michael Horn – a leading authority on the future of work and education – has a more optimistic long-term view. A senior strategist at Guild Education, Horn works closely with Fortune 1000 employers as Guild helps them facilitate upskilling and reskilling to secure jobs, as well as the company’s future. In this presentation, he explains why (contrary to popular myths) robots will NOT be stealing our jobs, how the future of work will cast humans and robots as co-workers, and why the pandemic simply accelerated what was already an inevitable transition to a digital future.

    Learning gaps and unique individual needs have always been there for students, but the pandemic laid bare just how widespread those gaps and needs are. In 2020, forced online schooling not only gave learners options, it allowed for more students to be reached – as long as they had computers and Wi-Fi. In this presentation, digital learning strategist Michael Horn – a leading authority on the future of work and education – discusses the lessons learned during the pandemic and why we need an equitable system that ensures all students have access to online learning. He also outlines valuable digital learning tools and explains why the future of education must include online options.

    In today’s education landscape, colleges are struggling to meet the needs of students as well as businesses facing shortages of skilled workers. There’s a growing sense that a degree is no longer worth the time, money and effort. So how can higher education institutions transform their model into something that works for everyone in the 21st century? In this presentation, Michael Horn – a leading authority on the future of work and education – outlines ways colleges and universities can gain a competitive edge and thrive. Since no two institutions are exactly alike, Horn helps participants evaluate gaps between the desired goals of their organization and existing efforts so they can develop and implement a nimble, discovery-driven path toward success that requires the least amount of capital investment.

    Policies that create access to online learning are outpacing policies that transform the system and focus on learning outcomes. The focus on outcomes is a positive trend – it makes sense to pay providers not just for serving students but also for student performance. But we must also eliminate the input-focused rules that dictate how school leaders accomplish these goals, says digital learning strategist Michael Horn, a leading authority on the future of work and education. In this presentation, he examines policies that need to be struck down – from those dictating student-to-teacher ratios, teacher certification requirements or rules governing seat time. He then outlines a framework that will allow institutions and educators to position future generations for success.

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