Business Speaker Mitch Lowe

Mitch Lowe

CEO of Movie Pass; Former President of Redbox; Co-Founding Executive of Netflix

A leader in the entertainment industry and founder of Moviepass. Speaker Mitch Lowe contributed to Redbox's kiosk count rise from 6 to over 35,000, generating $1.5 billion in revenue in the process. Organizations book Mitch Lowe to learn how to become the leader of their industry, how to face tough leadership decisions, how to build teamwork, and how to create a winning culture.

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    Mitch Lowe biography

    Keynote speaker Mitch Lowe worked with Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings when Netflix was only an abstract idea. Mitch joined Netflix in 1997. He worked as Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Alliances until 2003. 

    Mitch began serving as McDonalds’ investment group’s COO shortly after. In addition, he joined RedBox, a new video rental company, and rose to the position of President there.

    Mitch contributed to the company’s kiosk count rise from 6 to over 35,000. This helped to generate $1.5 billion in revenue in the process.

    The Charles Tillman Cornerstone Foundation, which aids children and families in need, had him on its board of directors from September 2011 to January 2016. Speaker Mitch Lowe served on the board of Alchemy, an independent North American film content distributor, from August 2015 to April 2016. Additionally, from March 2015 to November 2017, he sat on the board of directors of Cantaloupe Systems. USAT bought out this retail payments service provider for more than $80 million.

    Mitch continued to have an impact on the video rental industry when he was appointed CEO of Moviepass in June 2016. Moviepass was a subscription-based service that allowed users to receive three movie tickets per month for a monthly fee.

    Mitch Lowe has made several investments in start-up companies, mainly in the entertainment industry. He is currently a member of the boards of directors for Booxby, Cantaloupe Systems, and Vidbox.

    Mitch Lowe Speaking Videos

    Mitch Lowe - Creating a Winning Culture
    Mitch Lowe - Leaps and Bounds Ahead of the Curve

    Mitch Lowe Keynote Topics

    If you want to be the leader of your industry, you need to disrupt your market. Mitch Lowe is an expert in disruption. As a chief executive officer of Netflix, Redbox, and MoviePass, Lowe has disrupted the movie industry three times: two times he disrupted how we rent movies (by mail and by kiosk) and is in the process of disrupting how we pay for our movie theater experience. In this exciting and informative talk, Lowe will share the behind-the-scenes secrets of how he built a culture that disrupted movie watching and how you can build your own culture to disrupt your own industry.

    Remember when Netflix decided to increase their monthly fee by 60% or when Redbox raised their rental prices higher than $1 per night? Drawing on instances from his time at Netflix and Redbox, Mitch explains decisions made when the companies faced existential and strategic crises, providing reasoning behind those decisions and their effects—for better and/or worse.

    Mitch discusses the wrong ways to make a decision and which factors are actually not helpful in the decision making process. He then details how to make a well informed decision by looking holistically at the pros and cons, the processes and resources through which a decision is implemented, and the likelihood of success.
    This, along with Mitch’s other presentations, can be tailored to the audience, whether they be marketing, sales, operations, or strategic based.

    Theory and strategy are important, but execution is absolutely crucial. Sharing stories from his experiences at Netflix and Redbox, Mitch reveals the framework for designing and implementing a positive and winning culture.

    The culture that developed in the early days of Netflix played a large role in the success of the company, and when Mitch took over as Redbox President he brought that culture with him. While, Redbox—a Chicago based company with midwest values–was a very different company than the Silicon Valley based Netflix, Mitch was able to implement the framework of the successful Netflix culture and customize it to fit Redbox’s goals and company values.

    In this presentation, Mitch shows how a winning culture can be customized to align with any company’s unique philosophy to create an exceptional working environment that you and your employees will be proud of.

    Innovation requires unwavering commitment and support throughout the entire organization, which is often difficult to achieve for two reasons: one, the financial commitment and, two, getting everyone onboard for disruptive work. In this presentation, Mitch details the processes to get the whole team on board to work together towards innovative results.

    Innovation requires unwavering commitment and support throughout the organization. This is often difficult to achieve for two reasons, financial commitment on the one hand and getting everyone involved for disruptive work on the other. In this presentation, Netflix and Moviepass co-founder Mitch Lowe will detail the processes that must be followed to get the entire team to work together to achieve innovative results.

    The processes you will describe are rooted in all the experience Lowe has accumulated through his years working at Netflix or as CEO of Redbox and Moviepass. In all these companies, it has managed to innovate in its sector and provide that differentiating point that many companies never achieve.

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