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Mohanbir Sawhney

Globally-recognized Scholar on Business Innovation, Modern Marketing & AI. Bestselling Author

One of Business Week's top 25 e-business influencers, also included in Crain's Chicago Business "40 under 40" list. Speaker Mohan Sawhney's teaching and research focus on IT and business value, collaborative marketing with customers, business innovation, and technology-enabled business change. Organizations book Mohan Sawhney to learn about the metaverse, deeptech, perspective on technology trends, and preparing your business for success post-crisis.

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    Mohanbir Sawhney biography

    Innovation speaker Mohanbir Sawhney teaches Technology innovation at Kellogg School of Management. He also serves as a director of the Technology Industry Management Program and as Chairman.

    Speaker Mohanbir Sawhney is a famous teacher, scholar, and advisor. Technology marketing, strategic marketing, and e-business strategy are his main areas of expertise. His teaching and research focus on IT and business value, collaborative marketing with customers,  business innovation, and technology-enabled business change. Sawhney was included in a list of Business Week’s top 25 e-business influencers. Furthermore, Crain’s Chicago Business listed him on their “40 under 40” list. 

    Mohan Sawhney wrote three books on strategic insights, tech venture, and ebusiness evolution. Furthermore, he co-wrote the strategy simulation game PhotoWars. Several top journals, including California Management Review, have published Mohan’s studies. Other journals include Management Science, Harvard Business Review, and MIT Sloan Management Review. 

    Additionally, he has produced numerous influential pieces on the subject of trade in well-known magazines such as the Financial Times. He has received multiple honors for his work in education and research.

    To date, Prof. Sawhney has provided advice and spoken to companies and governments worldwide. More than a dozen Fortune 500 companies have hired him to speak and consult on a wide range of topics. His clients include ABN-AMRO Bank and Accenture, Boeing and Dell, Bank of America and Bell Canada, Dow Chemical Company, Dell Deloitte, IBM, and more. 

    Furthermore, he has provided e-government strategy advice to the governments of Punjab, Oman, and Andhra Pradesh. Aside from that, he is an advisor for many tech start-ups.

    Mohan studied marketing at Wharton School of the University. In addition, he studied Electrical Engineering.

    Mohanbir Sawhney Speaking Videos

    Mohanbir Sawhney - Preparing your business for success post-crisis
    Mohanbir Sawhney - Innovation is a Mindset

    Mohanbir Sawhney Keynote Topics

    Digital technologies have been a driver of disruption in many industries, from financial services to retail to education. However, the digital technologies of tomorrow will create new waves of disruption and will touch new industries and our lives. The gathering storm has its own buzzwords – NFTs, Metaverse, Extended Reality, Web 3.0, Deep Fakes, and so on. What are the next generation digital technologies? What is real and what is hype? How will these technologies change business and consumer behavior? How should we be preparing for the new wave of disruption?

    In this keynote speech, the renowned professor at the Kellogg School of Management Mohan Sawhney will offer an overview of Deep Tech, what are the main characteristics of Deep Tech, what are the challenges faced by Deep Tech Startups and the future of the Deep Tech Ecosystem.

    In this futuristic talk, the renowned professor at the Kellogg School of Management and guru on business innovation Mohanbir Sawhney will offer his views on what technology trends executives should be thinking about in the next 5 years and beyond.

    "We need to position ourselves for the demand that will come," says Mohan Sawhney. To do this, he advises investing now in innovation, talent and team training, so that when the current situation subsides, companies will be more efficient and transformed. In this fascinating keynote speech, the renowned professor at the Kellogg School of Management and guru on business innovation, modern marketing & AI will give a step by step guide on how to prepare your business for success post-crisis.

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