Political Speaker Moises Naim

Moises Naim

Internationally-Syndicated Columnist and Bestselling Author, Senior Associate in the International Economics Program

A globally syndicated columnist who wrote notable books such as The End of Power. Speaker Moises Naim made it into GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute's top 100 most influential global thought leaders list. Organizations book Moises Naim to learn about international politics and economics, the impact of globalization on family business, and Latin America.

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    Moises Naim biography

    Keynote speaker Moises Naim is a globally syndicated columnist who wrote notable books like The End of Power, which looks at how power is evolving in all parts of society. He also wrote Illicit, which examines modern criminal networks in greater depth. It was in 2011 that he created Efecto Nam. This groundbreaking weekly tv program features visually stunning videos, graphics, as well as interviews with international leaders. The show is extremely popular in Latin America. Speaker Moises Naim rose to fame after successfully relaunching Foreign Policy in 1996. He served as editor for fourteen years. The magazine became an award-winning publication focused on international politics and economics.

    The Washington Post named Illicit one of the year’s best nonfiction books in 2005. The book also served as the inspiration for a National Geographic documentary that won an Emmy. Furthermore, Moises wrote The End of Power, which even Bill Clinton praised. The book delivers a captivating and unique insight into the surprising new ways power is obtained, utilized, and lost. It also talks about how such changes impact our day-to-day lives.

    Moises works for La Repubblica and El Pais, Italy’s and Spain’s most popular newspapers. The Washington Post, the New York Times, Newsweek, Bloomberg Business Week, Berliner Zeitung, and Le Monde have all published his columns. In 2011, he obtained the journalism award “Ortega y Gasset.”  The British magazine Prospect considered Naim one of the top thinkers of 2013. Moises also made it into GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute’s top 100 most influential global thought leaders list.

    Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington DC has named Dr. Naim a Distinguished Fellow. He founded the Board of the Group of Fifty. The G50 allows innovative Latin American business leaders to get together.

    Early in his career, Dr. Naim served Venezuela in various capacities, including trade minister and governor of Venezuela’s central bank. In addition, he was head of the World Bank.  Prior to that, he served as dean of IESA, Venezuela’s most prestigious business school, and professor of business and economics.

    The Venezuelan Academy of Economic Sciences made him an Honorary Member in April 2020.

    Moises Naim Speaking Videos

    Moises Naim on North Korea's Leader
    Moises Naim - The End of Power

    Moises Naim Keynote Topics

    Moises Naim explains the various factors, including populist movements, societal polarization, and post-truth ideologies, that are leading to the accumulation of power in certain areas and the erosion of it in others. He examines how these elements, though not new in themselves, are being utilized by autocrats to undermine democratic societies in unprecedented ways. Moises argues that while the concept of power remains unchanged, the methods used to acquire and wield it have undergone a transformation. Through his analysis, Naím addresses the crucial questions of why power is becoming increasingly centralized in some places and decentralized in others and ultimately, what the future holds for freedom.

    For many years, Moises Naim has held the position of Global Observer for various newspapers and has extensively covered the major crises and minor transformations shaping the unpredictable world of the 21st century. He has written on topics such as the rise and setbacks of China, the limitations of powerful nations, the global economic recession and subsequent recovery, the challenges facing an aging and divided Europe, and the reversal of societal norms.

    The distribution of power is changing, with shifts occurring from West to East, North to South, from traditional centers of authority to grassroots movements, and from established organizations to agile start-ups. Additionally, the power held by those in authority is becoming weaker and more precarious.

    Moises Naim, a renowned journalist and former editor of Foreign Policy, examines the competition between dominant forces and the new, emerging powers in various fields. Through in-depth research, Naím explores the positive and negative effects of these changes, including the overthrow of dictators, the breaking of monopolies, and the creation of new opportunities, but also the potential for chaos and inefficiency. He provides examples from a range of areas, including politics, business, religion, education, and military affairs, to demonstrate the ways in which power dynamics are shifting. Naím's analysis offers a fresh perspective on the decline of traditional power structures and the implications this has for individuals and society as a whole.

    Moises explains the evolution of competition policy in the region, providing case studies from countries such as Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Mexico, and Columbia. He presents the global perspective on competition policy, including the antitrust experience in the US, European Economic Community competition policy, and the competition policies among Mercosur countries.

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