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Molly Bloom

Inspirational Poker Entrepreneur; Best-Selling Author of the Memoir and Movie Molly’s Game by Aaron Sorkin

Entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and author of the best seller Molly’s Game. Speaker Molly Bloom is presently devoting her time and energy to elevating and coaching other women. Organizations book Molly Bloom to know about her Molly’s Game story, learn how to adopt a champion mindset, and learn how to get the rich and famous to always come back.

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    Molly Bloom biography

    Motivational speaker Molly Bloom is an exceptional entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and author of the best seller Molly’s Game. Molly’s Game has been made into a film directed by Aaron Sorkin. Bloom’s memoir describes her coming-of-age story, from college to waitressing to owning the world’s largest private poker game. Molly’s games featured players like Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck, and A-Rod.

    At the beginning of her professional career, Bloom was a world-class skier. However, she had to put a stop to her athletic career when she ended up with scoliosis. She had to undergo surgery, but once recovered she joined the United States Ski Team. At the age of 21, Molly came No. 3 in North America in moguls. However, her Olympic dreams ended when she decided to leave the team to explore other opportunities. After that she decided to take a year off in Los Angeles.

    During Bloom’s senior year at the University of Colorado, her assistant position transformed her into an entrepreneur. She became the owner of one of the most unique underground poker games worldwide, raking in upwards of $4 million a year.  That is when her true story begins.

    Aaron Sorkin wrote and directed Molly’s Game. The film features Jessica Chastain, Kevin Costner, Idris Elba, Brian d’Arcy James, Michael Cera, and Chris O’Dowd among its cast members. Speaker Molly Bloom has appeared on a variety of television shows and in outlets like Vice, Ellen, The Los Angeles Times, Vulture, and NPR. She has also been invited to speak at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women. She would speak for companies such as SiriusXM Radio, and Blackrock Financial.

    Molly is presently devoting her time and energy to elevating and coaching other women, having been the mentee of some incredible and vibrant women herself. In 2020, she established the One World Group to assist women facing a variety of issues, particularly those aggravated by the global pandemic.

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    What’s it like to run an exclusive poker game for the rich and famous? Molly Bloom went from olympic-level skier who didn’t know a thing about poker or Hollywood to building and operating the largest and most notorious private poker game in the world. In this motivational talk, Bloom will show the sales and marketing skills she used to attract hundreds of millions of dollars to the game and spark the interest of players like Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, A-Rod, and Ben Affleck. Audiences will get the inside story not shown in the film as Bloom shares true-life tales of her experience.

    Molly Bloom shares her playbook for winning, derived from her experiences skiing for the US Ski Team, running the largest poker games in the world, writing a best-selling memoir, and making an Oscar-nominated movie. She breaks her philosophy for growth and success down into 7 major points over the course of her presentation, which audiences will leave invigorated, informed, and primed for their own success.

    Molly Bloom didn’t know a thing about running a poker business when she was asked to set up the most exclusive high stakes poker game in Hollywood. She was faced with the daunting question: how do you create an experience that will keep the rich and famous coming back when they can go anywhere to play poker? Molly found if she built a unique customer culture, not only would players come back, the game would become so exclusive that everyone would want to be a part of it. In this exciting and informative talk, Bloom shows how she created an experience like no other for her players and how you can apply the same principles for creating an exclusive experience for your customers.

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