E-commerce Speaker Nabil Malouli

Nabil Malouli

VP of Global Ecommerce at DHL. Global Disruptive Supply Chain & Innovation Expert

A leader in digitalization, automation, and robotics. Speaker Nabil Malouli has helped several Fortune 500 businesses conduct business internationally. Organizations book Nabil Malouli to learn about the impact Covid had on eCommerce, customer centricity, disruptive innovation, the future of transformation, the future of commerce, and sustainability.

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    Nabil Malouli biography

    E-commerce speaker Nabil Malouli is a worldwide famous innovation leader. Moreover, he is an angel investor and entrepreneur who specializes in giving advice to start-ups. In his present position, he oversees DHL’s e-commerce solutions innovation, strategy, and product development as the Vice President of Global E-Commerce.

    As the former Vice President of DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation, Nabil was responsible for developing new ways to help Fortune 500 businesses conduct business internationally. He was the Director of Latin America and Asia Pacific working with teams located worldwide. Moreover, his mission was to establish commercial strategies for customers to help them expand their business. Additionally, Nabil acts as an advisor and a board member for several fast-growing start-ups. Nabil has both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in International Trade. He has written for various prestigious publications, including Latin Trade.

    Speaker Nabil Malouli teaches what he knows by making use of real-life business cases. He is an expert in topics like digitalization, automation, and robotics. Nabil Malouli emphasizes the importance of innovation by showcasing fresh, agile methods for changing a workforce’s mindset and achieving business growth through digital change.

    Nabil Malouli Speaking Videos

    Nabil Malouli - Disruption in Supply Chain - not yet here
    Nabil Malouli - Back To The Future: Innovate or Die!

    Nabil Malouli Keynote Topics

    The 3 steps for disruptive Innovation: Ridiculous, Dangerous and Obvious! Back to the Future: Innovate or Die!

    The Future of Commerce, The revolution is here! The impact of technology in commerce and what it means for you?

    How drones, Autonomous vehicles, Robotics, AI, VR will impact our world & companies.

    What will be the future of mobility & transportation bring us and how to prepare for that?

    Nabil will share his insights on how to transcend through the Amazon Age by leveraging customer-driven options and solutions through a series of innovation projects. He will provide practical strategies for transforming your commercial activity and achieving digital change, including adopting new agile mindsets and evaluating the long-term risks of not evolving as innovation projects become more costly.

    If it’s not sustainable, it’s not innovative.

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