Motivational Speaker Neil Martin

Neil Martin

Former Chief of Strategy at Ferrari in Formula 1, Senior Strategist at Red Bull Racing and Mercedes

Neil Martin began his career by seeking split-second advantages for Formula 1 teams. The data-gathering and -analysis tools he created revolutionized the sport, and produced sought-after models for other businesses. Events with an interest in the frontier of data analysis and measurable performance put Martin’s riveting keynote addresses front and center.

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    Neil Martin biography

    No sport blends precision and speed like Formula 1, and data analytics speaker Neil Martin has revolutionized the field. As a popular keynote speaker, Neil Martin delivers engaging, enlightening observations on the often-overlooked power of data.

    For more than a quarter century, Neil Martin has helped the world’s leading motor-racing teams gain crucial advantages through analytics. McLaren, Ferrari, and Red Bull Racing have all benefited from Martin’s groundbreaking ability to turn uncertainty into competitive advantage.

    His insights, and the software he developed to support them, are now used by most of Formula 1. Champion drivers including Mika Häkkinen, Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso, David Coulthard, and Mark Webber have also benefitted from Martin’s work.

    Today, Martin shares the benefits of his experience with clients worldwide through Random Logic, the firm he founded in 2015. From bespoke software solutions to in-depth consultancy, Martin helps companies maintain their focus while identifying new opportunities.

    From banking to healthcare, he has advised major clients on the promise, uses, and limits of data analytics.

    Neil Martin Speaking Videos

    Neil Martin - Big Data
    Neil Martin - Data Analytics

    Neil Martin Keynote Topics

    The former Red Bull Racing strategist, Scuderi Ferrari and McLaren will share their winning ideas about analysis strategies and software.

    Neil has been a fundamental figure in the development of data analysis capacity to allow accurate prediction of performance.

    He has managed several analysis teams throughout his career, developing custom technologies and leading career strategies in an international arena.

    Neil has worked with many contestants to the world championship, including David Coulthard, Sebastien Vettel, Fernando Alonso and Mika Hakkinen.

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