Futurist Speaker Nikki Greenberg

Nikki Greenberg

Real Estate Futurist and Expert in Trend-Spotting & Technology Strategy; Founder & Chief Innovation Officer at Real Estate of the Future

Speaker Nikki Greenberg is a globally recognized futurist and innovation strategist, helping leaders align their businesses with the digital age. Her impressive career includes leadership positions with Fortune 500 companies and heading Technology Strategy for Real Estate at QIC, along with founding Women in PropTech. Honored with multiple international awards and holding Master's degrees in both Architecture and Commerce, Nikki's influence spans across the realms of technology, real estate, and gender equality in the industry.

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    Nikki Greenberg biography

    Speaker Nikki Greenberg stands at the forefront of technological innovation and strategic foresight. She dedicates her expertise to assist companies in adapting to an increasingly digital landscape. With a focus on aligning businesses with the modern, digital way of life, she guides leaders in reshaping their organizations.

    Previously, she has filled executive roles with major corporations, including her stint as the Head of Technology Strategy for Real Estate at QIC, an Australian firm managing $70 billion in assets. Speaker Nikki Greenberg is also the initiator and worldwide representative of Women in PropTech and has been a key figure at the Technology & Innovation Council for ULI in New York City. With Master’s degrees in Architecture and Commerce, her methodology skillfully melds visionary thinking with pragmatic execution.

    With a diverse international career spanning continents like the US, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia, Nikki has collaborated with renowned entities such as Lendlease, QIC, Brown Harris Stevens, Koichi Takada Architects, and Greenland Australia.

    An acclaimed futurist, Nikki’s influence is widely recognized in her roles as a sought-after speaker, media contributor, and recipient of multiple prestigious accolades. Among her honors are CIO View’s 5 Most Influential Women in Real Estate to Watch (2022), Top 25 Commercial Real Estate Innovator (2021), the ULI Global Luminary (2022), and being a Finalist at the MIPIM Global PropTech Awards (2019). Her education encompasses a Master of Commerce specializing in International Business, along with Master and Bachelor degrees in Architecture, the latter awarded with honors.

    Nikki Greenberg Speaking Videos

    Nikki Greenberg - To create the future, first you must imagine it
    Nikki Greenberg - On being a real estate futurist

    Nikki Greenberg Keynote Topics

    Dive into a humorous yet insightful examination of how emerging technologies are shaping the future of cities and buildings. Discover the latest tech advancements and grasp their present and future disruptive influence on the industry.

    With insights from Nikki's experience in guiding a $17 billion global real estate portfolio through digital evolution, learn why it's essential for organizations to evolve in this rapidly changing landscape. Gain understanding of practical steps that can be implemented now to ensure readiness for a progressively tech-driven future.

    This subject caters to real estate professionals interested in the intersection of physical spaces and digital realms, focusing on the design of future environments and its lasting effects on coming generations.

    Explore unique guidance on transforming workplaces into productive, desirable, and profitable spaces in the era of flexible work arrangements.

    Discover straightforward strategies to shape the office into a hub where employees feel at their most productive, making it their chosen place to work. Understand a human-focused methodology for cultivating a high-performance workplace culture that will sustain your organization in the years ahead.

    Receive practical advice on integrating innovation and adaptability into decision-making processes to achieve remarkable results.

    In this engaging talk, Nikki focuses on what organizations need to do to grab the attention of Gen-Z, the largest population group that has grown up in the digital age.

    Nikki shares international insights into the influence of emerging technologies on our digital future and offers guidance on distinguishing between fleeting trends and genuine disruptors. She converts trend data into practical strategies to create products and marketing efforts that resonate with the iGeneration.

    Drawing on her perspective as a millennial, Nikki discusses what Gen-Z might have learned from her generation's experiences and outlines immediate actions to align with the Gen-Z mentality.

    In this stimulating presentation, Nikki urges participants to apply design thinking to envision future-focused strategies, utilizing emerging technologies.

    Through her real-life examples as an architect on transformative urban projects, she educates leaders on transforming visions into concrete realities. Additionally, she shares insights on how to seize opportunities even during downturns, leaning on her proficiency in planning for the future.

    This presentation imparts practical advice on shaping organizational strategies to meet the evolving needs of the digital era.

    The talk is directed towards leaders and innovators who aspire to guide with a far-sighted perspective in the rapidly changing digital landscape.

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