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Pasi Sahlberg

Renowned Finnish Educator & Scholar. Bestselling Author on Education and Educational Reform and Policies

Recipient of the Grawemeyer Award in 2013 for illustrating ideas that could transform the planet. Speaker Pasi Sahlberg is a leader in reforms and education policies. Organizations book Pasi Sahlberg to learn about how more play will help children thrive and save schools, what the world can learn from educational change in Finland, and four big, inexpensive ideas to transform education.

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    Pasi Sahlberg biography

    Education speaker Pasi Sahlberg is a leader in reforms and education policies. He has served as a researcher, school teacher, policy advisor, and educator throughout his career. Pasi has mainly been concentrating on everything related to education, including analyzing education policies and providing advice on global education reforms.

    He is the author of Finnish Lessons 2.0: What Can the World Learn from Educational Change in Finland. This book received the Grawemeyer Award in 2013 for illustrating ideas that could transform the planet. In addition, Pasi obtained the Education Award and several other awards, such as the Lego Prize in 2016. 

    At present, speaker Pasi Sahlberg serves at the Gonski Institute for Education as a professor of education policy. Furthermore, he participates in the Governing Board of the University of Oulu, the Open Society Foundations’ Education Board, and the Scottish Government’s ICEA. Pasi has written many bestselling books, including Empowered Educators in Finland and Let the Children Play: Why More Play Will Save Our Schools and Help Children Thrive.

    Prof. Sahlberg served as World Bank’s senior education specialist in the past. He also worked for the European Training Foundation. In addition, he was Finland’s Ministry of Education’s director general. Pasi also taught at Harvard University.

    Pasi Sahlberg Speaking Videos

    Pasi Sahlberg - Big Data or small data: What’s the key to unlocking learning opportunities?
    Pasi Sahlberg: 'What if Finland's Great Teachers Taught in Your Schools?'

    Pasi Sahlberg Keynote Topics

    In this speech, Finnish expert on education Pasi Sahlberg will talk about how play is how children explore, discover, fail, succeed, socialize, and flourish. It is a fundamental element of the human condition. It's the key to giving schoolchildren skills they need to succeed--skills like creativity, innovation, teamwork, focus, resilience, expressiveness, empathy, concentration, and executive function. Expert organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics, the National Academy of Sciences, and the Centers for Disease Control agree that play and physical activity are critical foundations of childhood, academics, and future skills--yet politicians are destroying play in childhood education and replacing it with standardization, stress, and forcible physical restraint, which are damaging to learning and corrosive to society.

    Pasi Sahlberg has thoroughly updated his groundbreaking account of how Finland built a world-class education system during the past four decades. This speech is based on his international bestseller, where Sahlberg traces the evolution of Finnish education policies and highlights how they differ from the United States and much of the rest of the world. Featuring substantial additions throughout the text, Finnish Lessons 2.0 demonstrates how systematically focusing on teacher and leader professionalism, building trust between the society and its schools, and investing in educational equity rather than competition, choice, and other market-based reforms make Finnish schools an international model of success. He will cover all of those topics in this speech and detail the complexity of meaningful change by examining Finland's educational performance in light of the most recent international assessment data and domestic changes.

    This speech, from internationally renowned education scholar Pasi Sahlberg, focuses on some of the most controversial issues in contemporary education reform around the world. Based on his bestselling book, where Pasi devotes a chapter to each of these “hard questions”:

    · Does parental choice improve education systems?
    · Is there a future for teacher unions?
    · What is the right answer to the standardized testing question?
    · Can schools prepare children for the 21st-century workplace?
    · Will technology save schools?
    · Can anyone be a teacher?
    · Should higher education be for the public good?
    · What knowledge and skills should an educator have?

    Each educational change question sheds much-needed light on today’s large-scale education policies and related reforms around the world. Pasi will focus on what makes each question globally significant, what we know from international research, and what can be inferred from benchmark evidence. He will also offer a model for policymakers with implications for teaching, learning, and schooling overall.

    Exploring and analyzing how Finland consistently places at or near the top of international student assessments, especially PISA, has become popular in recent years. Pasi Sahlberg now explores this phenomenon from the perspective of the educational leader. With the culture of general and educational leadership in Finland as a backdrop, this resource is packed with strategies and tools that travel well. Rooted in four main ideas, this keynote speech based on his bestselling book covers topics such as:

    · Enhancing equity is an essential component of success
    · Physical activity is crucial for substantial learning
    · Embedding ideas into your current leadership practices takes perseverance.

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