Economics Speaker Paul Romer

Paul Romer

2018 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences

Most people agree that technological innovation is an important driver of economic progress. But how? Nobel Prize-winning economist and speaker Paul Romer revolutionised the way we analyse and describe the influence of technology on economic systems. He is also one of our leading theorists of urbanisation and sustainable development. Organisations seeking an enlightening view of our current and future economic prospects welcome Romer as the perfect keynote speaker.

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    Paul Romer biography

    A Nobel Laureate and policy entrepreneur, economics speaker Paul Romer sees enormous promise in emerging technologies. As a speaker, Paul Romer has presented TED talks, highlighted the Aspen Ideas Festival, and addressed countless professional events.

    Paul Romer studies the interplay of technological innovation, urbanization, economics, and human progress. His ground-breaking efforts to include innovation into socioeconomic models have revolutionized multiple disciplines. Romer’s work toward “integrating technological innovations into long-run macroeconomic analysis” earned him the 2018 Nobel Prize in Economics. This triumph followed Romer’s 2002 Recktenwald Prize for his study of the role of innovation in sustainable economic growth.

    Romer’s scholarly work is firmly rooted in public policy. Prior to becoming University Professor in Economics at New York University, Romer served as Chief Economist at the World Bank. At NYU, he founded the Marron Institute of Urban Management, which supports cities in an age of accelerating urbanization. He also founded the Charter Cities Initiative, which seeks to ensure that historically marginalized populations share the benefits of urbanization.

    He has also put his theories into practice as an innovative business leader. While teaching at Stanford, Romer founded Aplia, an education technology company, which he sold to Cengage in 2007. A graduate of the University of Chicago, Romer has taught at his alma mater, Stanford, and the University of California.

    In addition, Romer is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research. He advises governments and legislators worldwide on issues of urbanization, equitability, innovation, and education and contributes regularly to leading publications.

    Paul Romer Speaking Videos

    Paul Romer at TED - Charter Cities
    Paul Romer - Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences 2018 Lecture

    Paul Romer Keynote Topics

    Why is populism rising? Why are we facing a new era of trade friction? How is the erosion of integrity impacting politics? How can countries cooperate in the face of intense nationalism? How can governments improve the lives of their citizens despite these challenges? The speech will weave together Paul’s work as an economist, including the work on technological innovation that earned him his Nobel Prize, to address the most important macro trends and challenges facing globally minded leaders today, and provide a compelling and sobering, yet optimistic case for why the best is yet to come and how the trends that have enabled the current challenges can be harnessed to create future opportunities.

    In an era of rising division, mistrust, and rhetoric, this speech will rise above politics to offer an economist’s macro perspective on what the US can and should do to compete with other nations, recognizing that the most successful outcomes can be beneficial for all parties. The speech will focus on opportunities for growth and innovation across the country. Paul will address how updating our thinking on competition can unlock new progress in everything from innovation and business to economic development and education, how redefining our nation’s relationship to its innovators and scientists is critical to solving big problems, and how we can leverage the things we can all agree on to continue the grand experiment that is America, no matter the challenges posed from outside or within.

    Why this century is a once in a species opportunity and why cities are the key to progress.

    Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis once said that states are the laboratories of democracy. In this speech, Paul will lay out the case for why cities are the laboratories of progress in an era of rapid urbanization. Paul will focus on how cities can and attract new residents, how city scale real estate development can redefine what’s possible for the future of humanity, and what we can do now to unlock untold progress in the future in the hundreds of soon to be mega cities rapidly growing now. The speech will address key areas of progress cities are uniquely poised to unlock, timely issues like migration, technological innovation, and identity.

    How both Domestic and International Markets along with monetary policy shape the Economy

    The temporary recessions of the global economy seem to be inevitable, but unlimited growth is possible in a world with finite resources. In this compelling presentation, Nobel Prize Recipient, Paul Romer, shares the current state of the global economy, what has led us to the status quo, and how both the United States and the rest of world can select a path of economic growth long into the future.

    China and the United States will share the world’s stage for generations to come. China’s path to progress and growth in the 20th century was a remarkable turnaround and the current era’s trade frictions are a sign of deeper misunderstandings in this relationship. In this speech, Paul Romer will share a clear eyed understanding of the innovations that enabled China’s return to global prominence, and how these two superpowers can shape their interactions and share insights into the ways this competition can be structured to benefit everyone involved.

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