Sales Speaker Peter Fader

Peter Fader

Professor of Marketing, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania; Author of The Customer Centricity Playbook

Successful businesses align themselves to the needs of their best customers. Speaker Peter Fader has helped Fortune 500 companies and marketing professionals identify their ideal customers and build customer-centric practices accordingly. Events with a focus on customer retention, the customer experience, and customer-centered practice find their perfect keynote speaker in Peter Fader.

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    Peter Fader biography

    Marketing speaker Peter Fader is among the world’s foremost authorities on consumer behavior and customer-centered business. An insightful and engaging public speaker, Peter Fader shares his remarkable insights with audiences around the world.

    As a professor, author, and business owner, Peter Fader uncovers patterns of consumer behavior across a wide range of industries. His pioneering work in behavior data analysis has shaped the way we forecast purchasing trends. Therefore, Advertising Age named Fader to its first-ever list of 25 Marketing Technology Trailblazers.

    A mathematics major at MIT, Fader is now the Frances and Pei-Yuan Chia Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School. His work analyzes consumer behavior in retail, telecommunications, financial services, entertainment, and also other sectors. The remarkably consistent patterns he identifies help companies build better customer relationship strategies and position new products effectively.

    Fader co-founded predictive analytics firm Zodiac in 2015, and sold it to Nike in 2018. He then co-founded Theta Equity Partners, which turns his unique insights into accurate valuation analyses used by investors.

    His 2012 book Customer Centricity argued persuasively for aligning business practice to maximize customer lifetime value. Additionally, The Customer Centricity Playbook, co-authored with Sarah Toms, earned Digital Book World’s Business Book of the Year award for 2018.

    His latest book is The Customer-Base Audit. In it, customer centricity speaker Peter Fader guides business leaders on comprehensively understanding customer behavior and health, crucial for making informed decisions and driving customer-centric growth.

    Peter Fader Speaking Videos

    Peter Fader & Sarah Toms - The Customer Centricity Playbook
    Peter Fader - The customer isn't always right, but some customers are better than others

    Peter Fader Keynote Topics

    In this conference, the marketing professor of the Wharton School of Business Peter S. Fader will give the necessary KPI that will help organizations to easily and quickly implement Customer Centricity strategies.

    In this conference, Peter S. Fader, the Wharton School marketing professor and author of the bestseller The Customer Centricity Playbook will discover to his audience the system that uses in his company "Theta Equity Partners" to value consumers and discover his total potential value.

    In this conference, the Wharton School of Business professor and award-winning writer Peter S. Fader will focus on the company's relationship management with its stakeholders from the point of view of continuous improvement, and also from how to confront problems that may arise.

    In this conference, Peter S. Fader, marketing professor at the Wharton School and successful entrepreneur, will show us the predictive analysis method used by his company “Zodiac”, bought by Nike in 2018. We will be able to observe and learn the KPIs on which it is based to estimate future sales of a new product.

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