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Peter Sheahan

Founder & Group CEO of Karrikins Group. Best-selling Author & Top Business Speaker

A leader in helping companies expand through speeding transformation and growth. Speaker Peter Sheahan aims to analyze the latest trends and industry shifts affecting business today and assist companies in finding opportunities in disruption. Organizations book Peter Sheahan to learn about leading transformation, accelerating a culture of accountability, and becoming the number one choice by creating more value.

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    Peter Sheahan biography

    Leadership speaker Peter Sheahan has years of expertise dealing with top business leaders. Because of this, he has realized that a business can only succeed if its leaders are willing to go the extra mile personally.

    Peter has helped clients including Chick-fil-A, Apple, AT&T, and DeBeers expand their businesses through speeding transformation and growth. He believes that leaders loyal to their goals tend to perform better and tackle more complex issues. That means they must have the bravery to tell the truth and make risky decisions. They must also embrace responsibility for building an organization that acts consistently with their leadership role.

    Peter is the author of seven books and the founder of three international businesses. Furthermore, he has given over 2,500 presentations in several countries. At the moment, speaker Peter Sheahan and his Karrikins Group team are solely focused on motivating leaders. They want to help leaders put in the effort necessary to speed up development and change.

    At the start of his career, Sheahan noticed that many businesses had little or no interest in solving long-term issues such as the lack of health care and learning programs. With this in mind, he founded the Karrikins Group. The group aims to provide business solutions and a long-term competitive edge for the companies that need them.

    As CEO of the Karrikins Group, he aims to analyze the latest trends and industry shifts affecting business today. His goal is to help companies of all sizes find opportunities in disruption. Goldman Sachs, Apple, Hyundai, Microsoft, Pfizer, IBM, Wells Fargo, and Cardinal Health are just a few of the well-known companies that Peter has worked with throughout his career. 

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    Peter Sheahan - The #1 Way to Disrupt your Market
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    Peter Sheahan Keynote Topics

    The journey of transformation we must now all lead to stay relevant and accelerate growth in a disrupted world requires that you:
    1. Tell yourself the truth: Embrace your new reality and take ownership for leading in new ways.
    2. Unleash ambition: Rise above the urgency of a burning platform and unleash a burning ambition worth fighting for.
    3. Drive alignment: Leaders need to be accountable for making new decisions and driving new behavior as we compete in the new reality.

    Stimulating a culture of growth amidst uncertainty requires leaders to create a team setting where it’s psychologically safe to take risks, behave in new ways, and pursue progress over perfection. To do so, you must:
    1. Raise your standards: Move your team from agreement to alignment.
    2. Gofirst: As goes your behavior, so goes the behavior of the rest of your team.
    3. Lead intentionally: Culture is a science, not an art. Focus on individual mindsets, team dynamics, and environment.

    Crisis creates unique windows of opportunity to innovate, take intelligent risks, and thrive in the face of disruption. To seize these opportunities, you must:
    1. Question assumptions: Disruption forces you to reexamine the value you
    add, and to find new and innovative ways to add it.
    2. Lead your customers to the future: Behave in ways worthy of the market leading position you seek – lead don’t follow.
    3. Matter more: Escape commoditization by elevating the impact you have on your customers’ lives.

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