Motivational Speaker Pilar Jericó

Pilar Jericó

Executive President and founder of the consulting firm Be-Up; Writer; Lecturer

Pilar Jericó is a highly accomplished businesswoman, writer, and leadership expert with a wealth of experience spanning over 20 years. She has published numerous articles, authored best-selling books, and led transformation projects in top companies across Europe and Latin America. Recognized as a Top Women Leader in Spain, Pilar is actively involved in promoting gender equality, diversity, and mentoring in both the United States and Spain.

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    Pilar Jericó biography

    Pilar Jericó is passionate about her work. BothChange Mindset and No Fear are consideres international benchmarks in leadership. . Businesswoman, writer and lecturer, she has been in this world for more than twenty years.

    She has published more than 700 articles. Her blog in El País has reached the figure of 3.2 million readers per year. She has written 7 books, some of which have been best-sellers in various countries (Spain, Colombia, Guatemala and Argentina) and have been translated into six languages. She has written 23 forewords and has had more than 800 media interviews in the Hispanic market.

    Pilar has been recognized as one of the Top Women Leaders in Spain in the category of thinkers and experts, for being a pioneer in providing keys to talent development, leadership, transformation and overcoming fear in companies . She has a PhD in Business Organization and a degree in Economics and Business Sciences from the Autonomous University of Madrid. She has also completed postgraduate studies in strategy at Harvard University, in organizational behavior at UCLA, and in leadership at West Point. Apart from all of this, she has been training in the world of personal growth since he was 16 years old

    As a businesswoman, Pilar Jericó is President of the consulting firm BeUp, a company she founded together with Marta Romo. The company has a wide international recognition in transformation processes, leadership, female talent and mentoring. She has led projects in more than 300 companies in Europe and Latin America (Grupo Santander, Mapfre, Vodafone, Amadeus, Endesa, Enagas, Axa…).

    He has worked for 70 percent of the IBEX companies and more than 150,000 people in Spain and Latin America have attended his leadership workshops and conferences (he confesses that he loves that clients come back year after year with new projects and more challenges) .

    She lives between the United States and Spain. In the United States, she isthe regional director in Washington DC of the Women Hispanic Executive Association , an organization committed to promoting gender equality at work. Likewise, she is a member of the Hispanic Council in the United States and is developing projects to promote Hispanic leadership, diversity and mentoring in said country.

    Pilar Jericó Speaking Videos

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    Pilar Jericó Keynote Topics

    Changes cost us. Many companies invest large amounts in transformation, but do not achieve the desired results. However, there is a solution: develop a Change Mindset in the organization and in the people.

    This conference is based on research in the business world, conclusions from neuroscience and inspiring experiences. Attendees can be excited and motivated in their teams and in the company, develop leadership that promotes change, neutralize barriers and come away with a concrete, specific action plan that helps them promote a change mindset

    Fear prevents developing talent, innovation and change.

    It is natural that it exists in organizations and in people, however, it is also possible to neutralize its effects through a new type of leadership and a different way of acting.

    This strategy is called NoFear and the conference explains how it can be developed both at an organizational and personal level.

    This conference explains how the NoFear strategy acts on our brains with current discoveries in neuroscience, and provides practical steps for leaders and professionals so that they can neutralize the effects of fear and develop talent, innovation and change in the company and in life.

    The effects of the pandemic and uncertainty force companies to be run from other leadership styles, more based on purpose, values, balance and results.

    Leaders need to train other skills that allow them to create spaces where people decide to give the best of themselves, valuing their differences.

    The conference explains how to develop humanistic leadership, through five practical, inspiring keys grounded in the reality of each organization.

    It is based on innovative scientific research and successful business experiences, so that attendees can put this new style of team management into practice.

    The pandemic has accelerated a different way of working and relating, which forces us to seek new models of leadership, organization and management through uncertainty.

    At this conference, the latest research and successful experiences with new models are shared and keys are provided to bringing about transformation within organizations, leaders and professionals.

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