E-Commerce Speaker Porter Erisman

Porter Erisman

Former Vice-President, Alibaba Group. Writer, Producer & Director, Crocodile in the Yangtze. Bestselling Author, Alibaba’s World

Porter Erisman helped turn Alibaba from a shoestring operation into the world’s leading e-commerce corporation. His experience alongside Jack Ma gave him a first-hand look at the birth of China’s digital economy. As a keynote speaker, Porter Erisman shares an unmatched perspective on the state and future of global e-commerce with business audiences worldwide.

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    Porter Erisman biography

    Business and e-commerce speaker Porter Erisman literally wrote the book on China’s exploding e-commerce sector. As a popular keynote speaker, Porter Erisman shares his unrivalled perspective on the world’s most dynamic business sector.

    As Vice President at Alibaba, Erisman helped shape the way the world does business. He shares his insights and experience as a bestselling author, award-winning filmmaker, and sought-after consultant.

    After graduating from Stanford, Erisman taught high school in Washington DC before moving to China. There, he spent a year studying the language and quickly became the host of a televised travel program. After earning his MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, Erisman returned to China, this time with Ogilvy & Mather.

    Intrigued by the prospects of China’s e-commerce sector, Erisman joined Alibaba in 2000. The company had been operating out of a small apartment until then, and Erisman was there to help it grow. As a Vice President, Erisman worked closely with Jack Ma on international marketing, operations, and corporate affairs. When Erisman left Alibaba in 2008, it had become the world’s largest B2B website, and was poised for global expansion.

    Later, Erisman wrote, directed, and produced Crocodile in the Yangtze, a documentary and memoir of his time with Alibaba. The film won Best Documentary at the San Francisco United Film Festival for its unique look at China’s internet revolution. His bestselling book, Alibaba’s World, offers an insider’s view of how Jack Ma built an e-commerce behemoth.

    Erisman’s latest bestseller, Six Billion Shoppers: The Companies Winning the Global E-Commerce Boom, is a practical guide to the promise of e-commerce in emerging markets.

    Porter Erisman Speaking Videos

    Porter Erisman – A Crocodile In The Yangtze: The Alibaba Story
    Porter Erisman speaking at Presidents Summit

    Porter Erisman Keynote Topics

    Porter Erisman joined Alibaba just after the company moved out from Jack Ma's apartment. He spearheaded several areas of the company as VP and worked hand in hand with Jack Ma in the hyper-growth years of the company. When he left the company, Porter felt he had to share his story with the world because it was fascinating what they had accomplished. Join Porter in this motivational speech that tells the incredible story of how a failed English teacher that couldn't get even a McDonald's job, turned into China's richest man with the largest e-commerce company in the world.

    Porter Erisman, former VP at Alibaba.com, one of the leading e-commerce companies in the world rivaling Amazon, is an expert on e-commerce opportunities on emerging markets. He joined Alibaba when it was just moving out of Jack Ma's apartment, and helped the company grow into an e-commerce giant. He is also the author of the international bestseller "Six Billion Shoppers", an insightful, practical guide to e-commerce in emerging markets--and how to profit from their explosive boom. In this speech, Porter will talk about the global hyper-growth of ecommerce from China to India to Nigeria, and what companies and individuals can do to profit from this golden era of opportunities.

    In 2003, Porter Erisman was VP at Alibaba.com and the SARS coronavirus outbreak took the country by storm. It came at a time when the company had just reached profitability, and the mood was at an all-time high after a long internet winter that followed the dot-com bust. But all plans changed when one employee was diagnosed with it and the whole company had to go into quarantine or work from home. Jack Ma had everyone from headquarters take computers home and we set up a virtual operation so that they could still run the company. SARS could have destroyed the company, but instead, it brought the team much closer together under Jack Ma's unique leadership. Because of SARS, Alibaba spearheaded the e-commece boom in China by partnering with the government to teach small businesses how to sell online and started Taobao, a $400+ billion dollar business. In this speech, Porter will talk about those times at Alibaba and how crisis like the Covid-19 pandemic can be an opportunity to bring everyone together and disrupt the market.

    In many places in China, you can only pay via WeChat (a smartphone app) and they even don't accept cash. But when Porter Erisman first arrived to the company, everyone was doing business face to face and e-commerce was barely starting. In this speech, Porter will talk about the incredible FinTech revolution that happened in China and how this revolution will eventually arrive everywhere else in the world.

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