Political Speaker Ricardo Lagos

Ricardo Lagos

Former President of Chile and Special Envoy on Climate Change for the United Nations

Plenty of experts devote themselves to sustainable development. Ricardo Lagos put his ideas to the test as Chile’s Minister of Public Works and then as its President. A leader of the opposition to Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship, Lagos continues to lead development initiatives throughout Latin America. Events seeking a voice of accomplishment, courage, and humanity invite Lagos to deliver stirring keynote addresses.

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    Ricardo Lagos biography

    Former President of Chile and now a pioneering diplomat, keynote speaker Ricardo Lagos continues to address our most pressing challenges. A scintillating political speaker, Ricardo Lagos draws on a lifetime of courageously asserting the ideals of democracy and diplomacy.

    When a military dictatorship overthrew Chile’s elected government in 1973, Ricardo Lagos set aside his law degree and PhD. Returning from exile in Argentina, he became the de facto leader of Chile’s opposition to dictator Augusto Pinochet.

    Years later, he led the Party for Democracy, which he founded, to victory in national elections. Patricio Aylwin, a more seasoned politician than Lagos, became president, and Pinochet’s reign was over. Lagos became Minister of Education and later Minister of Public Works, helping to rebuild Chilean institutions after democracy returned.

    Ten years after Aylwin’s victory, Lagos himself was elected President of the Republic of Chile. His administration enacted constitutional reforms, overhauled the country’s infrastructure, and built a highly effective national health system. He also addressed Pinochet’s legacy with the Valech Report and through compensation to victims of human rights violations.

    Following his six-year term in office, Lagos stepped down to pursue a career in diplomacy. He founded the Consejo de Relaciones Internacionales de América Latina y El Caribe and was president of the Club de Madrid. He also taught at Brown University and served as a UN Special Envoy for Climate Change.

    Now a leading member of the Fundación Democracia y Desarrollo, Lagos continues his lifelong advocacy of equitable, sustainable economic development.

    Ricardo Lagos Speaking Videos

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    Ricardo Lagos Keynote Topics

    Ricardo Lagos, a former president of Chile, discusses leadership in a troubled world in his keynote address. In today's globalized and interconnected world, leaders face a range of complex and pressing challenges, including economic instability, social inequality, political conflict, and environmental degradation. Lagos explores the qualities and skills that effective leaders require in order to navigate these challenges and make a positive impact on the world. He also considers the role of leadership in addressing global issues and building more peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable societies.

    Ricardo Lagos may discuss the various impacts of climate change in his keynote address. These impacts include economic losses, social inequalities, and political tensions. Addressing climate change will require global cooperation and efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to changing conditions.

    In this keynote address, Ricardo Lagos discusses the economics of South America, including the economic challenges and opportunities facing the region. South America is a diverse and dynamic region with a rich history and a wide range of natural resources. However, it has also faced significant economic challenges, such as high levels of poverty, inequality, and debt. Lagos examines the various factors that have shaped the economic development of the region, including trade, investment, and technological change. He also explores the prospects for economic growth and development in the future and the role of economic policy in addressing the challenges and opportunities facing the region

    In his keynote address, Ricardo Lagos discusses the changing dynamic in Latin America, which includes the political, economic, and social changes occurring in the region. Latin America has a rich and diverse history, and the region has undergone significant transformations in recent years. Lagos examines the various factors driving these changes and the implications they have for the future of the region. He covers in his keynote economic development, social inequality, political instability, and regional integration.

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