Diversity and Inclusion Speaker Risha Grant

Risha Grant

Award-Winning Diversity and Inclusion Speaker, Founder & CEO of Risha Grant LLC

Speaker Risha Grant, founder of the celebrated diversity consultancy Risha Grant LLC, passionately challenges societal biases and champions Diversity & Inclusion's economic benefits. An acclaimed author and educator, she's been recognized by top platforms like Forbes and Bloomberg Media. Through her dynamic workshops, she equips participants with actionable D&I strategies and encourages confronting biases.

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    Risha Grant biography

    Driven by a desire to challenge societal biases like racism and sexism, motivational speaker Risha Grant champions the importance and economic benefits of Diversity & Inclusion. Her journey, spanning race, gender, and entrepreneurship, epitomizes diversity.

    Speaker Risha Grant founded the acclaimed diversity consultancy, Risha Grant LLC. She stands out as a dynamic speaker, educator, and author with a global reputation in diversity, inclusion, and bias topics. As NBC KJRH’s community correspondent for the Risha Talks series, she tackles these themes head-on. Her columns in Tulsa World and contributions to Black Enterprise Magazine have enlightened corporations, educational institutions, and groups alike.

    In her book That’s BS! How Bias Synapse Disrupts Inclusive Cultures and its video series, she guides readers and viewers towards deeper diversity understanding. She has impacted giants like Samsung Electronics America, Wells Fargo, and the University of Oklahoma.

    Major platforms such as Forbes, Bloomberg Media, and The Financial Times have featured Risha’s insights. Over time, she has earned accolades, including a 2019 Top 100 HR Influencer title by Engagedly, the 2018 Inclusive Leadership Award, and the 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year honor.

    In her lively keynotes and workshops, Risha offers actionable D&I strategies. She pushes participants to confront and shed their biases.

    Risha Grant Speaking Videos

    Raising Kids Without Unconscious Bias
    Risha Grant Diversity & Inclusion Speaker Presents- Permission:Granted

    Risha Grant Keynote Topics

    Bias, whether subtle or overt, poses a significant challenge to both society and an organization's success. If your company aims to unify its workforce, boost profits, innovate, or enhance its image, internal and external biases are obstacles. You're aware of the issue; "Permission:Granted" offers the solution.

    In this session, Risha creates an open space for participants to honestly discuss their prejudices, providing them practical tools to overcome these biases, no matter how deep-seated. While the subject of diversity can be sensitive, Risha's method ensures participants grasp the topic without feeling alienated or judged.

    Risha Grant presents Diversity & Inclusion from a human perspective, using terms like "BS" or "Bias Synapse" to highlight our brain's role in bias recognition and validation.

    Building an inclusive culture is imperative to business success. Learn the keys to creating a culture that welcomes all employees, boosts retention and productivity. During this talk, Risha shares applicable tips and strategies to take your company's culture to the next level.

    Companies need to know what to say and how to get diverse customers to buy their products and services. Why? Because business sustainability, competitive advantage, a constantly changing economy and about $14 trillion in buying power. During this session, Risha will share with attendees the keys to effectively engaging various diverse groups and provide them with tips on how to create a diversity communications strategy for their company.

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