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Robbie Kellman Baxter

Best-selling Author, The Membership Economy; Advisor to the world's leading subscription-based companies & Marketing Expert

Strategy expert Robbie Kellman Baxter is the world's leading authority on growing businesses through recurring revenue, membership, and subscription models. Her groundbreaking methods have helped over 100 organizations - from small nonprofits to giants like the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft, and the NBA - develop loyal, profitable relationships with their customers. Leaders rely on her bestselling books, podcast, and expert advice. Event organizers rely on Robbie Kellman Baxter to inspire, engage and delight audiences of all sizes as they build long-term customer relationships.

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    Robbie Kellman Baxter biography

    Bestselling author and advisor to subscription-based businesses, marketing speaker Robbie Kellman Baxter gave the Membership Economy its name. Literally, she wrote the book on the subject and continues to share her experiences and insights building valuable recurring revenue businesses with audiences and in boardrooms around the world. Businesses and organizations looking for a keynote address that lights the way to future success will find no better speaker. 


    Bestselling author and advisor to subscription-based businesses, marketing speaker Robbie Kellman Baxter coined the term “Membership Economy” in her first best-selling book to describe the emerging model of long-term, formal relationships with customers. Robbie continues to share her experiences and insights about building valuable recurring revenue businesses with audiences and in boardrooms worldwide. Businesses and organizations looking for a keynote address that lights the way to future success will find no better speaker.

    Robbie’s insights on subscription-based business models have made Baxter the world’s leading authority on developing communities that drive growth. Through Peninsula Strategies, the consulting firm she founded in 2001, Baxter supports firms operating in more than 20 industries. Her methods have helped hundreds of organizations launch, scale, and become leaders with membership businesses. Nonprofits and commercial businesses alike have benefited from Baxter’s pragmatic advice, wise counsel, and engaging speaking style. Robbie’s clients range from startups to industry giants, including Netflix, Oracle, and eBay.


    Robbie Kellman Baxter has delivered keynote addresses for associations, including The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), the International News Media Association, and the American Institute of Chartered Public Accountants (AICPA), the National Restaurant Association. As a speaker, Robbie Kellman Baxter’s corporate engagements have included the Wall Street Journal, Nokia, and Microsoft. Baxter has also addressed the alumni associations of many of the world’s leading universities, engagements which were natural for Baxter, who graduated with honors from Harvard College and earned her MBA from Stanford.

    Her latest book, The Forever Transaction, provides a blueprint for strategic organizational growth through long-term customer relationships. It joins her 2015 bestseller The Membership Economy, which Inc. named a top-5 marketing book that year.

    Before founding Peninsula Strategies, Baxter was a strategy consultant at Booz Allen, a product marketer in Silicon Valley, and a New York City Urban Fellow.

    Robbie Kellman Baxter Speaking Videos

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    Robbie Kellman Baxter

    Robbie Kellman Baxter Keynote Topics

    Companies like LinkedIn, Amazon and Salesforce have created forever transactions with their customers by incorporating subscription pricing and community connections into their business models. As a result, consumer expectations about what membership means have changed dramatically. What can your organization do to leverage this massive transformation to engage customers, build loyalty and establish predictable revenue? What lessons can be learned from for-profit membership models? How can you optimize pricing, including use of subscriptions, free trials and freemium offerings to expand engagement? In this interactive session, we’ll focus on how to structure offerings (both online and offline) that will appeal to longtime members and prospects alike.

    With the explosion of subscription-based businesses, business customers and consumers alike are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Expectations are high, and competition is fierce to win the engagement and loyalty. Robbie Kellman Baxter, a leading subscription and membership business model expert, will share how your business can take advantage of this trend, building “Forever Transactions” with every subscriber.
    Robbie will go beyond the stories of subscription natives like Netflix, LinkedIn, and Spotify to provide information on the full range of business models and product features that companies can explore and apply. She will discuss specific, practical guidance on how to start, scale, and sustain such a business in a world of changing customer expectations, competitive conditions, and pushback from colleagues.

    Whether you’re just getting started on the subscription path, scaling an initial success into a much larger endeavor, looking to transform your transactional business into a membership business, or even navigate a successful and profitable exit, Robbie will inspire, educate and guide you on your journey to build forever into your business model.

    Most companies see only the subscription models as something to implement to stay in the market and offer the same possibilities as their competitors but there are much more than subscriptions in these models. Subscription models are successful when customers do not leave the community and their quantity reaches a minimum to cover expenses and amortization of development, but to achieve this it is not enough to do it well, the performance must be excellent. In this conference the strategic consulting expert Robbie Kellman Baxter who has helped companies such as Netflix, Oracle or Electronic Arts in their models will explain how these companies have worked on their loyalty and community building strategies, gathering good practices and advice for the audience.

    Star sales people do more than just “close the first deal”. They are also thinking about optimizing the total value of that relationship from the very beginning. In an age of “everything-as-a-service, it’s increasingly important to land and expand—that is, to use that initial sale as a starting point for developing relationships across the organization, that last forever. To do that, sales professionals need to focus on the right customers, set expectations for growth with their customers, and be able to collaborate as a team with their colleagues across marketing, product and support teams. Robbie has developed LinkedIn Learning’s fundamental courses on B2B Sales, Customer Success, Business Development and Service Orientation. She brings this expertise to her keynotes. Robbie will fire up your team, help them get off the hamster wheel of small transactions, and provide them with a blueprint for more valuable partnerships with the organizations they serve.

    Innovation isn’t just for startups. There is plenty of opportunity to innovate even in traditional, top-down companies—even in operational roles. Robbie Baxter will inspire your team to become intrapreneurs, leading innovation and change from inside a company. She will show you how to gauge whether your team is ready for disruption, how to find and test ideas, how to get resources and buy-in from leadership, and how to scale ideas so they are feasible for the entire enterprise. Robbie also teaches you when to throw in the towel and when to pass off projects. Depending on your goals, and available time, Robbie will give participants the opportunity to play with real world examples in leading organizations as well as within their own areas.

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