Motivational speaker Roberto Canessa

Roberto Canessa

Survivor of the Andes plane crash; Pediatric Cardiologist

Roberto Canessa, a globally recognized speaker and pediatric cardiologist, emerged as a survivor from the 1972 Andes crash. This pivotal event shaped his career, motivating him to focus on pediatric cardiology, particularly in treating newborns with heart defects.

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    Roberto Canessa biography

    Motivational speaker Roberto Canessa has earned recognition not only for his remarkable tale of survival but also for his significant contributions to pediatric cardiology. Surviving a catastrophic plane crash in the Andes at 19, he demonstrated unparalleled resilience and leadership, characteristics that have defined his professional and personal life. His journey from a medical student to a leading pediatric cardiologist specializing in congenital heart diseases illustrates a remarkable transition from a survivor to a healer.

    Canessa’s life story, marked by the courage to face insurmountable odds and a deep commitment to saving lives, serves as a profound testament to the strength of the human spirit. His experiences have taught him the importance of hope, teamwork, and the unwavering belief in overcoming challenges, no matter how daunting. His ethos shines not just in his survival story but also in his medical career, where he has significantly contributed to saving thousands of children’s lives.

    In 2024, Netflix released “Society of the Snow”, a film that chronicles Roberto Canessa’s incredible survival story and also his role in the harrowing ordeal faced by the survivors of the Andes plane crash.

    Speaker Roberto Canessa ‘s narrative is a source of inspiration, highlighting the power of human resilience and the impact of dedication to a noble cause.

    Roberto Canessa Speaking Videos

    Survivor Roberto Canessa on Society of the Snow
    Roberto Canessa, a survivor of the Andes tragedy, and Matías Recalt, an actor.

    Roberto Canessa Keynote Topics

    Drawing from his harrowing experience in the Andes, Roberto Canessa discusses the key survival strategies and leadership qualities that can help overcome life's most challenging moments.

    This talk focuses on how Canessa translated his survival resilience into his medical career, emphasizing the importance of hope, innovation, and determination in pediatric cardiology.

    Canessa shares insights on how facing and overcoming extreme adversity can provide a unique perspective on life, inspiring others to find opportunities for growth and impact in their own challenges.

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