Motivational Speaker Roman Krznaric

Roman Krznaric

Bestselling Author of Empathy, The Good Ancestor & Carpe Diem Regained. Public Philosopher

Named by The Observer as one of the top philosophers in Great Britain. Speaker Roman Krznaric’s writings have had a positive impact on environmental and political activists. Organizations book Roman Krznaric to learn about the benefits of empathy and the importance of making the right decisions for the sake of future generations.

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    Roman Krznaric biography

    Motivational Speaker Roman Krznaric is a philosopher whose goal is to empower people to share new ideas that can improve society. His latest book, What The Rich Don’t Tell The Poor, came out in February 2022. In the book, Roman talks about Guatemala’s wealthy business sector and how they managed to keep their privileges despite the changes that affected the poor.

    Roman is also the author of several other books, including bestsellers that have been released in over 25 different languages. Those include The Good Ancestor, Empathy, Carpe Diem Regained, and The Wonderbox. He grew up in Hong Kong and Sydney. He later moved to the UK to study political sociology at the universities of London, Essex, and Oxford. 

    The ideas behind The Good Ancestor have had a significant public impact, influencing legal rulings on intergenerational rights and climate justice, and its ideas have been explored in a TED talk and documentary.

    Speaker Roman Krznaric founded the first Empathy Museum in the world. At present, he is a Long Now Foundation Research Fellow and a Club of Rome member. The Observer considers Roman Krznaric one of the top philosophers in Great Britain. Roman’s writings have had a positive impact on environmental and political activists. Furthermore, they have inspired social entrepreneurs and education reformers.

    As a speaker, Roman has traveled the world, delivering his keynotes in different settings, including the TED Global stage and a London prison. In the past, he was also a gardener and an academic. Furthermore, he fought for Guatemala’s human rights.

    Roman Krznaric Speaking Videos

    Roman Krznaric - How to be a good ancestor
    Roman Krznaric - The Good Ancestor: A Radical Prescription for Long-Term Thinking

    Roman Krznaric Keynote Topics

    Join renowned philosopher Roman Krznaric as he explores the power of empathy in driving social and political transformation. Drawing on examples from history and contemporary grass-roots peacebuilding projects, Krznaric will demonstrate how the ability to understand and connect with others can lead to meaningful change on a global scale. He will also distinguish between affective empathy, or a shared emotional response, and cognitive empathy, or the capacity to understand others' perspectives. As one of the world's leading experts on empathy, Krznaric is uniquely qualified to inspire and motivate you to embrace this vital skill in your own life and work.

    In this fascinating keynote speech, Roman delves into the concept of long-term thinking and its significance in contemporary society. In this talk Roman examines the intellectual history and practical applications of this idea. Roman asserts that society, particularly in wealthy countries, has a tendency to prioritize short-term gain over long-term consequences, resulting in issues such as ecological degradation and technological risk. The talk offers six strategies for improving long-term thinking and addressing pressing issues like the climate crisis, artificial intelligence risks, and systemic racism.

    Are you ready to reclaim the ancient ideal of carpe diem and make it your own? Join philosopher Roman Krznaric as he delves into the concept of seizing the day and its potential for personal and collective transformation. Based on his book of the same name, Krznaric will explore how consumer culture, social media, and the mindfulness industry have co-opted the idea of living in the present moment and how we can reclaim it for ourselves. He will also discuss how embracing a "carpamus diem" mentality - seizing the day together - can help us tackle issues such as the global ecological crisis.

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