Futurist Speaker Rudy de Waele

Rudy de Waele

Futurist, innovation strategist, content curator and author

An innovation strategist and founder of the Conscious Futurist. Speaker Rudy de Waele has helped major companies like Ericsson, Google, the European Commission, IBM, Intel, Louis Vuitton, Microsoft, and MasterCard. Organizations book Rudy de Waele to learn about digital transformation, AI and robotics, technology and humanity, the internet of things, singularity and transhumanism, energy, utilities and environment, and employment.

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    Rudy de Waele biography

    Futurist speaker Rudy de Waele is an innovation strategist, a  futurist, content curator, keynote speaker, and author. Global brands and startups benefit from his unique innovation strategy, which incorporates cutting-edge techniques to reinvent and reshape business.

    The combination of his unrivaled experience, knowledge, and insight inspires leaders to stay one step ahead of the competition. Rudy’s areas of expertise include predicting and analyzing technology trends. Moreover, he is a leader in promoting ideas exchange on how to succeed in the modern economy. He also facilitates Socratic Design workshops on how to build relevant businesses.

    He wrote Shift 2020 – How Technology Will Impact Our Future, about how future factors will impact our lives. These are factors such as the Internet of Things, robotics, genetics, and artificial intelligence. The book also includes reflections from some of the world’s pioneers in technology.

    Rudy graduated from Singularity University and has created over 200 leading industry events worldwide, including Mobile Mondays, Mobile Sunday, Wearable Wednesdays, IoT Shifts, and IoT Stars. 

    He is an IoT council member, as well as an associate of The Futures Agency. In addition, he is a Strategic Advisor and Ambassador for Smart Cities World.

    These are among the companies who have worked with him: Affinity Petcare, Abbott, Bearingpoint, BMW, BlackBerry, Criteo, Cambridge University, Boston Consulting Group, and Coca-Cola. He has also worked with CBRE, the City of Barcelona, Cheil Worldwide, Ericsson, Google, the European Commission, IBM, Intel, Louis Vuitton, Microsoft, and MasterCard.

    The Conscious Futurist was founded by speaker Rudy de Waele in 2020. With the Conscious Learning Tribe, individuals have access to a community of leaders and game-changers who tell their stories on how to pick a healthy work/life balance free of harmful addictions and assumptions.

    Rudy de Waele Speaking Videos

    Rudy De Waele - Disruptive IoT. Digital Ecosystem Management
    Rudy de Waele - Exponential Technologies in The Age of Consciousness

    Rudy de Waele Keynote Topics

    In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are driving unprecedented changes, understanding the trends and harnessing their potential is critical for businesses to thrive. Rudy de Waele will explore how these technologies are redefining industries, from healthcare to manufacturing, and offer insights into how organizations can adapt to the digital age.

    With technology advancing at a rapid pace, ethical considerations often lag behind. Rudy de Waele will delve into the moral dilemmas that emerging technologies such as AI, biotechnology, and automation present. He will guide the audience through the complex landscape of ethical decision-making, focusing on the balance between technological advancement and societal needs.

    The modern business landscape is characterized by constant change and disruption. In this illuminating keynote, Rudy de Waele will share his insights into resilient leadership, a vital quality for navigating the turbulent waters of digital transformation.

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