Innovation Speaker Sangeet Paul Choudary

Sangeet Paul Choudary

Founder of Platformation Labs and the best-selling author of Platform Revolution and Platform Scale

Named Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. Speaker Sangeet Paul Choudary's work promotes the use of digital public goods for the advancement of national and societal development. Organizations book Sangeet Paul Choudary to learn about platform revolution, platform distribution, platform economy, and how China will be the next platform leader.

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    Sangeet Paul Choudary biography

    Innovation speaker Sangeet Paul Choudary is Platformation Labs’s founder, as well as a book author. He wrote the best-sellers Platform Scale and Platform Revolution. Throughout his career, he has helped over 40 Fortune 500 companies’ leaders. In addition, the World Economic Forum named him a Young Global Leader.

    Sangeet has done extensive work on platforms. Harvard Business Review recognized his work as one of the top 10 ideas in strategy. The article listed Sangeet’s name with the likes of Clayton Christensen and Michael Porter. It is also one of the few articles to have appeared in the HBR Top 10 Must Reads compilations.

    Speaker Sangeet Paul Choudary is part of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council. He is also the co-chair of the MIT Platform Strategy Summit and an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at INSEAD Business School. Furthermore, he is the youngest person to ever obtain the IIMB Distinguished Alumnus Award. G20 Summit, United Nations, World50 Summit, and World Economic Forum are just some organizations where he has given keynote speeches.

    He is a well-known supporter of individual rights in the platform economy, a recurring theme of his studies with the International Labour Organization and the World Intellectual Property Organization. The Permanent Mission of Belgium in Geneva organized a seminar to raise awareness of the treatment of workers on digital platforms, which Sangeet spoke at.

    He also spoke at the World Intellectual Property Organization’s Annual Summit regarding artists’ rights in the platform economy. Speaker Sangeet Paul Choudary’s work promotes the use of digital public goods to improve national and societal development.

    The Indian government has designated him as a committee advisor of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. Furthermore, the ASEAN Financial Innovation Network has appointed him to its board of directors.

    Several governments and policymakers in Europe have sought Sangeet’s advice to assist them in developing competitive, regulatory responses to global platforms expanding into the European Union.

    Sangeet Paul Choudary Speaking Videos

    Sangeet Paul Choudary - Platform Business Model Keynote
    Sangeet Paul Choudary - Platform Revolution

    Sangeet Paul Choudary Keynote Topics

    Based on the international best-selling book Platform Revolution and the top 10 ranked HBR article, this keynote explains the shift from a world of linear pipelines to a world of networked platforms. Taking examples from multiple industries, it lays out the key drivers for this shift and a set of design principles that separate the successful platforms from the unsuccessful ones. Topics covered, in particular, include platform openness and governance decisions, launch and monetization strategies, and factors that lead to competitive advantage.

    A topic requested often in board meetings and C-level offsites, this keynote is based on our extensive work with clients across different industries transforming to platform models. The keynote lays out a disruption spectrum and the factors that are powering the rise of platform-based models in industries like Energy, Healthcare, Finance, Mobility, and Manufacturing. It also lays out the structural inefficiencies that exist across industries that allow platforms to create alternate business models and pull user activity to themselves, eating away business from incumbents. The keynote explores impact of platform models across the value chain for a particular industry and patterns in cross-industry competition.

    A topic frequently requested by our banking and manufacturing clients, this keynote lays out a framework of different positions that asset-heavy incumbent companies can take in the platform economy. It explains which parts of the business should transform to becoming platforms and which parts should choose to participate on other platforms. The keynote also lays out predictions on which firms are likely to get commoditized next.

    China has rapidly emerged as not merely an imitator but an innovator in the platform economy. This keynote lays out the strategies of the successful BAT trio of platforms (Baidu-Alibaba-Tencent) as well as lesser known names like Toutiao and PingAn. It also explores the unique market and regulatory context that have helped these platforms take very different paths as compared to their Western counterparts. This keynote is frequently requested in Western Europe where companies and regulators alike are keen to understand the factors driving the dominance of Chinese platforms.

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