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Silvia Leal

Key Opinion Leader. Digital Transformation Expert

A leader in digital transformation and technology. Speaker Silvia Leal’s skills have allowed her to work closely with major Spanish media outlets such as El Pas, Agencia EFE, and RTVE. Organizations book Silvia Leal to learn about how technology generates more business opportunities, the future of work in the era of robots and AI, and how we should not fear the fourth industrial revolution.

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    Silvia Leal biography

    Digital transformation speaker Silvia Leal is a leader in digital transformation and technology. Furthermore, she is Cum Laude Doctor in Sociology. She can convey a sense of hope for the future through messages tailored to a wide range of demographics. Each year, hundreds of businesses have Silvia as the main keynote speaker for their events.

    Silvia has the ability to communicate difficult concepts in a way that is understandable by the general public. This has allowed her to work closely with major Spanish media outlets such as El Pas, Agencia EFE, and RTVE. Speaker Silvia Leal runs her own TV series on RTVE: La Cuarta Revolución.

    Throughout her career, she has held positions of increasing responsibility in both the business and academic worlds. This has ultimately resulted in advising the European Commission. She has also worked with some of the best business schools globally, like IE Business School. At IE, she was the Director of Innovation and Technology Programs.

    Silvia Leal is currently working with various businesses to create and send strong messages on transformation, technology, and future trends that receive over one million views per month.

    In addition, Silvia is a fantastic writer who has written several books such as:

    Ingenio y passion (2013): In this book, the author will illustrate how to develop innovative behavior by mastering three critical dimensions: people, organization, and motivation.

    e-Renew or die (2015): Silvia Leal discusses the seven digital trends that, in her opinion, will be crucial in the future, both professionally and commercially. These trends are Augmented Reality, Gamification, Drones, 3D Printers, Bioprinting, the Internet of Things, and Big Data.

    No te vas a Morir (2017): This book examines how new technologies, robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI) have impacted and will continue to impact the world and people.

    Silvia Leal Speaking Videos

    Silvia Leal - The Fourth Industrial Revolution
    Silvia Leal - Future 4.0: more technological or more human?

    Silvia Leal Keynote Topics

    Uncertainty. Concern. Prejudices. And many fears (of change, of not being up to the task, of making a fool of ourselves, of failure ...). This is what many feel when they are told about new technologies, when in reality they arrive with many business opportunities, to generate employment and, if we do it well, to contribute to social progress and sustainability.

    We are living through the fourth industrial revolution and many are afraid of being left out. Therefore, in this conference Silvia demonstrates that it is a business opportunity that we cannot miss, and explains how to do it to minimize risks and ensure progress.

    They say that the digital tsunami will bring a professional revolution that will end employment. However, it is about a transformation of the labor market that will generate more jobs than it will destroy and this conference shows how we can all join together (humanity, digital skills, training and companionship).

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