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Soumitra Dutta

Expert in the link between technological innovation and business success

A leading expert on innovation in the knowledge economy. Speaker Soumitra Dutta concentrates on accelerating business growth and innovation by bringing together the correct mix of creative individuals and cutting-edge technological solutions. Organizations book Soumitra Dutta to learn about technology and innovation strategies, the impact of technology on business, talent management, and leadership development.

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    Soumitra Dutta biography

    Keynote speaker Soumitra Dutta serves as Professor of Management at Cornell University’s SC Johnson College of Business. His previous position was at Johnson Graduate School of Management as the Anne and Elmer Lindseth Dean. He was also part of INSEAD, a top international business school with campuses in Singapore and France.

    Soumitra Dutta is a leading expert on innovation in the knowledge economy. He brings a unique global perspective to the table. During his incredible career, he has concentrated on accelerating business growth and innovation by bringing together the correct mix of creative individuals and cutting-edge technological solutions. Soumitra is the author of the World Intellectual Property Organization’s Global Innovation Index and the World Economic Forum’s Global Information Technology Report.

    Dutta serves on the boards of directors of Sodexo and Dassault Systemes. He is also a member of the ZS Associates. Speaker Soumitra Dutta now chairs the Global Business School Network (a Washington DC-based non-profit focusing on improving management skills in Africa and other frontier markets) and is part of HEC Montreal and ESADE’s advisory boards.

    In his previous positions, he served as Vice-Chair and then Chair of AACSB International. This is the world’s top accreditation body for business schools. He has been part of the exclusive “Davos Circle” for over ten years. Moreover, Soumitra has co-founded two companies, one of which, Fisheye Analytics, was bought by the WPP group.

    After earning a B. Tech. in electrical engineering and computer science from the Indian Institute of Technology and an MS in both computer science and business administration from UC Berkeley, Soumitra Dutta earned a Ph.D. in computer science. The Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, recognized him as a distinguished alumnus in 2017.

    In November 2018, he also funded a Faculty Chair in Artificial Intelligence.

    Soumitra Dutta Speaking Videos

    Professor Soumitra Dutta - Innovating at the Top
    Soumitra Dutta - The world after covid-19

    Soumitra Dutta Keynote Topics

    Explore the importance of embracing digital transformation in contemporary businesses. Understand the strategies, technologies, and mindsets that drive successful transitions, and learn how to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving landscape.

    Delve into the shifts occurring in the educational sector due to digital advancements. Understand the new models of learning, the integration of technology in classrooms, and how institutions can prepare students for a digital future.

    As artificial intelligence becomes more integrated into our daily lives and businesses, understand the evolving role of leadership. Learn about the challenges and opportunities AI presents and how leaders can leverage this technology effectively.

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