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Steve Blank

Silicon Valley legendary entrepreneur; Founder of the Lean Startup

San Francisco, USA


Innovation @50x – Moving Companies at Startup Speeds:
How big companies can use Lean Startup techniques and processes to remain innovative
Dealing With Disruption
How culture, process and people need to adapt and adopt in the world of continuous disruption.
Entrepreneurship vs. Innovation: What is the Difference and Why Does it Matter?
Steve explains why innovation inside an existing company or the government is different from building a startup, highlighting the different tools and mindsets needed to be a successful innovator or entrepreneur.
Harnessing Your R&D Department
How every federal research agency adopted Lean Startup methods to commercialize science.
Creating an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
Silicon Valley’s role as an entrepreneurial powerhouse has its roots in the Cold War, not a Palo Alto garage. Steve explains how the Silicon Valley came to be and how you can create an entrepreneurial ecosystem in your region.


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