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Steve Blank

Silicon Valley legendary entrepreneur; Founder of the Lean Startup

Startup ventures are not just smaller versions of established companies. Each stage of a company’s early life presents distinct challenges and requires attention to specific factors. Those insights have made speaker Steve Blank one of the preeminent thought leaders on bringing startups to scale. Organizations with an interest in the nuts and bolts of entrepreneurial success turn to Blank for inspiring, insightful keynote speeches.

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    Steve Blank biography

    Successful entrepreneurs turn to business speaker Steve Blank for insights on how to turn startups into enduring successes. As a widely admired writer, lecturer, and public speaker, Steve Blank continues to shape the future of business.

    Steve Blank has reinvented the way startups grow, the way large organizations innovate, and also the way entrepreneurship is taught. Above all, as the co-founder of the Lean Startup movement, Blank has helped countless entrepreneurs build sustainable, scalable businesses.

    Thinkers50 named Blank one of the world’s top management scholars, and the Harvard Business Review named him one of its 12 Masters of Innovation. A veteran of eight startups himself, four of which successfully went public, Blank left a 21-year business career for academia. He now teaches at Stanford and the University of California at Berkeley, and is Columbia University’s Senior Fellow for Entrepreneurship.

    His 2005 bestseller Four Steps to the Epiphany launched the Lean Startup movement. In it, Blank demonstrates that startups are fundamentally different than the established companies into which they grow. Several other books followed, including Not All Those Who Wander are Lost and The Startup Owner’s Manual.

    Blank’s His Harvard Business Review cover story “Why the Lean Startup Changes Everything” showed how large companies can learn from entrepreneurs. Customer development, Blank argues, is just as important for established businesses as for those in their infancy.

    Additionally, in 2009, Blank  launched a celebrated and frequently syndicated blog devoted largely to entrepreneurship.

    Steve Blank Speaking Videos

    Steve Blank - Want Your Startup to Succeed? 'Get Out of the Building'
    Steve Blank - How to Keep Your Job as Your Company Grows

    Steve Blank Keynote Topics

    How big companies can use Lean Startup techniques and processes to remain innovative

    How culture, process and people need to adapt and adopt in the world of continuous disruption.

    Steve explains why innovation inside an existing company or the government is different from building a startup, highlighting the different tools and mindsets needed to be a successful innovator or entrepreneur.

    How every federal research agency adopted Lean Startup methods to commercialize science.

    Silicon Valley’s role as an entrepreneurial powerhouse has its roots in the Cold War, not a Palo Alto garage. Steve explains how the Silicon Valley came to be and how you can create an entrepreneurial ecosystem in your region.

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