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Sugata Mitra

One of the best Educational Technology Speaker in the World; Winner of the first $1 million TED prize

Recipient of the Dewang Mehta Award and the 1 million dollar TED Prize. Speaker Sugata Mitra's work has impacted people's lives worldwide and several counties' economies. Organizations book Sugata Mitra to learn about the future of education, cognitive science, self-organized learning environments, sustainable learning, youth, educational and social transformation, and the role of technology and education in a sustainable society.

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    Sugata Mitra biography

    Education speaker Sugata Mitra is the Professor Emeritus at NIIT University. He used to be a Professor and Principal Research Investigator at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom.

    In 1999, Sugata did an experiment called the Hole in the Wall.  He embedded a computer within a wall in an Indian slum letting kids use it as much as they wanted. The experiment aimed to demonstrate that children could learn to use computers very quickly and easily without any prior formal training. In Sugata’s words, this is called “Minimally Invasive Education” (MIE). There have been numerous recreations of the experiment since it was first conducted. Speaker Sugata Mitra has received multiple awards from the United Kingdom, India, the United States, and several other countries.

    His primary focus is on Children’s Education, Self-organising systems, Remote Presence, Cognitive Systems, Physics, and Consciousness. The Hole in the Wall experiment inspired the creation of the Oscar-winning movie Slumdog Millionaire.  In 2003, Sugata received the Dewang Mehta Award for Innovation in Information Technology. Ten years later, he obtained the 1 million dollar TED Prize.

    Sugata Mitra started working with molecular orbital calculations in the 1970s. He found that the structure of organic molecules is more important than the number of atoms in them. Furthermore, he developed an interest in the flow of electricity through biological systems. This interest led to a seminal speculative paper on why our perception organs are situated where they are.

    He predicted the rise of the desktop publishing industry in 1984 when he created India’s first local area network-based newspaper publishing system. This resulted in the creation of LAN-based database publishing. He also established the “Yellow Pages” industry in Bangladesh and India.

    His continued fascination with the human mind led him to research in the fields of memory and learning. In fact, he was one of the first researchers to demonstrate that simulated neural networks can aid in understanding the mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease. He invented a hyperlinked computing environment years before the Internet. Furthermore, he created the Voluntary Perception Recording.

    Sugata Mitra’s work at NIIT involved the development of the organization’s first curricula and pedagogy. Moreover, he researched learning devices and learning styles, many of which are now innovative learning methods and patented multimedia.

    In 2009, he founded the Granny Cloud, a network of teachers who communicate with children via the Internet. Sugata Mitra’s work has impacted people’s lives worldwide and several counties’ economies. 

    Sugata Mitra Speaking Videos

    Sugata Mitra - The Future of Learning
    Sugata Mitra - Build a School in the Cloud

    Sugata Mitra Keynote Topics

    Discover the transformative power of self-organized learning in this captivating keynote by Sugata Mitra. Explore his groundbreaking research and learn how children can navigate the world of knowledge through curiosity and collaboration. Mitra's inspiring insights will challenge traditional notions of education and ignite a desire for innovative approaches that empower learners to take charge of their own education.

    Join Sugata Mitra as he delves into the impact of technology on education in the digital age. Through engaging stories and compelling research, Mitra explores how digital tools and connectivity can bridge educational gaps and empower learners worldwide. Gain valuable insights into creating inclusive learning environments and discover strategies to nurture the future generation of digital citizens.

    In this thought-provoking keynote, Sugata Mitra challenges traditional notions of education by exploring the concept of the learning environment beyond the confines of the classroom. Through his groundbreaking "Hole in the Wall" experiment and subsequent research, Mitra reveals the incredible capacity of children to learn and thrive in self-organized, technology-enhanced environments. Discover how to create spaces that foster curiosity, creativity, and collaboration, ultimately empowering learners to embrace their innate potential.

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