Psychology Speaker Susan David

Susan David

Harvard Medical School Psychologist; Author of #1 Bestseller Emotional Agility

Speaker Susan David, a Harvard-affiliated psychologist, introduced the concept of "Emotional Agility." Her TED talk on the subject reached over 9 million views, emphasizing the importance of emotional flexibility in leadership and personal growth. Recognized globally, her book on the topic became a Wall Street Journal bestseller and received widespread media attention.

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    Susan David biography

    Speaker Susan David, PhD, is a renowned clinical psychologist affiliated with Harvard Medical School. Susan stands among the global elite in management thought leadership.

    Her presentation on “Emotional Agility” in the renowned TED platform quickly garnered attention. It surpassed a million views within its debut week. As of today, it has garnered over 9 million views on and an astonishing 60 million unique engagements on social platforms. Moreover, it ranks as one of the top-viewed TED talks for that period. Susan’s unique approach encourages listeners to reimagine their emotional responses. Her idea of emotional agility equips businesses to foster exemplary leadership, resilience amidst intricacies, and also a deeply connected, people-first environment.

    Speaker Susan David highlights the dangers of clinging to specific thoughts, emotions, and stories. She promotes curiosity and courage, especially in tough times. In her recent discussions and seminars, she gears corporate listeners to pinpoint and implement potent strategies. Firstly by emphasizing engagement, stellar leadership, and cultural adaptations in today’s multifaceted world. Through her captivating narratives, wit, and profound insights, Susan forges a genuine bond with her audience. She motivates them towards meaningful transformations for themselves and also their institutions.

    Recognized by as a top-tier speaker, Susan’s contributions have thrice landed her on the distinguished Thinkers50 list, spotlighting global management and business visionaries. Further, Harvard Business Review hailed Emotional Agility as a revolutionary “Management Idea,” while the World Economic Forum identified it as an indispensable skill for upcoming times.

    “Emotional Agility: Get Unstuck, Embrace Change, and Thrive in Work and Life,” penned by Dr. Susan David, climbed to a #1 spot on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list, got translated into 30 languages, and received wide acclaim in top-tier media outlets like the New York Times, TIME, and the TODAY show.

    Susan David Keynote Topics

    As information becomes more accessible and the complexities and pressures increase, the demand for emotional capabilities rises. Every worker feels this crucial void.

    Emotional Agility is pivotal for successful organizational change and is crucial for both leaders and their teams.

    Every organization possesses essential skills that enable individuals to foster a constructive culture, develop strong teams, and enhance well-being, and these can be leveraged to instigate beneficial transformations.

    Susan David Speaking Videos

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