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Tanya Beckett

Broadcaster, Panel Moderator and Conference Host

Tanya Beckett is a highly experienced and respected journalist, with a long and successful career at the BBC. Her natural charisma, quick wit and professionalism make her a perfect choice to host or MC events. With her extensive knowledge of current affairs and ability to engage and entertain audiences, Tanya is sure to make any event a success. Organizations book Tanya Beckett as an MC or host to add a touch of credibility and sophistication to their events, and to ensure that their attendees are entertained and informed by a popular journalist who knows how to captivate an audience.

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    Tanya Beckett biography

    Keynote speaker Tanya Beckett has been a BBC presenter since 1998. She has taken part in several business and news programs. These include Breakfast News, Business Breakfast, World Business Report, and Working Lunch. In addition, she collaborated with Zeinab Badawi for a “live from Washington” news program.

    Tanya moved to the United States in 2003, where she conducted live shows in Washington and New York City. During these shows, she covered major events like the 2004 presidential election and the Wall Street scandals. She also hosted the BBC World News program World Business Report from New York City.

    She worked for Courtaulds after graduating from Oxford and studied the characteristics of carbon and glass fibers. After that, she worked for Citibank in London and Commerzbank in Frankfurt.

    Speaker Tanya Beckett began working for CNBC Europe in 1993 as a business and political reporter. She has served several broadcasters, such as NBC Europe, the BBC, Sky News, CNBC Europe, and more.

    When Tanya worked in television, she hosted a 30-minute talk show for NBC Europe with guests like Salman Rushdie, Chaim Herzog, Eddie Izzard, and Ian Smith. Tanya is fluent in both French and German. For this reason, she has worked on several projects in both languages. 

    Tanya Beckett Speaking Videos

    Responsible Tourism - Hosted by Tanya Beckett from the BBC
    The World Responsible Tourism Awards 2018 with Tanya Beckett

    Tanya Beckett Keynote Topics

    As a conference facilitator and awards host, Tanya Beckett enlightens her business audiences with content that is both informative and accessible; a BBC veteran and former investment banker, Tanya delivers her in-depth knowledge of sales and finance with humour and clarity.

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