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Tiffani Bova

Thinkers50 Top Management Thinker; Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author; Former Executive at startups and Fortune 500 companies

Speaker Tiffani Bova, recognized among the Top 50 global business thinkers, has an expansive career spanning nearly three decades in the tech industry. With roles at Salesforce and Gartner, she has offered invaluable insights to tech giants and pioneered significant shifts, such as the move to cloud computing. An author of two Wall Street Journal bestsellers, Bova is also renowned for her podcast, "What’s Next! with Tiffani Bova."

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    Tiffani Bova biography

    For the past several years, speaker Tiffani Bova has been recognized among the Top 50 global business thinkers by Thinkers50. Forbes acknowledges her for challenging our traditional views on growth.

    With her dual role in both the practical and academic worlds, she provides a distinct viewpoint. With almost 30 years in tech, she was Salesforce’s former Growth and Innovation Advocate. Tiffani was earlier associated with Gartner as a Research Associate. Additionally, she has held roles in sales, marketing, and customer service with both emerging companies and established Fortune 500 firms. Business speaker Tiffani Bova penned two bestsellers recognized by Wall Street Journal: GrowthIQ and The Experience Mindset.

    During her tenure at Gartner, her innovative visions aided major tech giants such as Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, and Amazon-AWS, among others, in enhancing their market presence and boosting revenue streams. Several high-level professionals relied on her advice when transitioning from traditional models to as-a-service models, which led to the creation of prosperous new sectors.

    In the transition years between the 1990s and early 2000s, Tiffani was at the forefront of the cloud computing wave. She notably advanced sales and marketing for two leading US web-centric startups. Additionally, she played a pivotal role in propelling a segment of a well-known Fortune 500 company to $300 million in revenue in just over two years.

    Tiffani’s insights have been highlighted in renowned platforms such as Harvard Business Review, Fortune, and Bloomberg, to name a few. She also helms the podcast titled “What’s Next! with Tiffani Bova.”

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    Tiffani Bova - Growth & Innovation
    Rita McGrath & Tiffani Bova

    Tiffani Bova Keynote Topics

    For a long time, numerous businesses believed that decent customer feedback and acceptable growth could mask an underlying issue: employees' struggles sacrificed for the quest of impeccable customer experience (CX).

    Indeed, it's possible to witness decent CX with an average employee experience (EX) and still see growth. You can maintain a balance of "acceptable" in both realms and achieve modest growth. However, to genuinely excel and challenge existing standards, a combined elevation of both CX and EX is required, fostering a mutually beneficial connection where each boosts the other.

    In this insightful session, led by the distinguished expert in customer experience, sales, and revenue expansion, Tiffani Bova, attendees will learn how to foster growth from within. Drawing from her acclaimed book, The Experience Mindset, and pioneering worldwide studies, Tiffani offers guidance on aligning these crucial aspects.

    Gear up for a transformative session that rethinks the balance between EX and CX, laying the groundwork for an integrated business approach. Tiffani presents a roadmap for this synergy, arming participants with actionable strategies that go beyond abstract concepts to tangible execution.

    Seize this opportunity to break from tradition, reinvent your enterprise, and journey towards unparalleled experiences and growth. With Tiffani Bova leading the way, you're not merely pushing limits; you're breaking them, charting a course that opposes conventional thinking and points to a future where EX and CX blend fuels remarkable expansion.

    In an era where conventional sales strategies are fading, the call to adopt advanced technologies like AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics is louder than ever. These tools promise to amplify sales momentum, improve target achievements, and cultivate deeper customer relationships. Pioneers leveraging these tools not only overshadow their rivals but also redefine the benchmarks of achievement.

    Step in, Tiffani Bova, a recognized luminary in sales and customer experience over the past three decades. For Bova, the revolution isn't just technological but a profound paradigm shift. It revolves around sparking a zeal for stellar seller experiences, cultivating leadership rooted in growth, championing a triumphant culture, and ensuring customer-focus remains the north star.

    In her riveting session, enriched by the wisdom from her Wall Street Journal acclaimed book, Growth IQ, Tiffani taps into her expansive tenure as a sales trailblazer across startups and global conglomerates. Her insights aren't mere concepts; they're derived from her hands-on work, guiding some of the most colossal sales teams during their pivotal transitions.

    Having an esteemed tenure as a research associate at Gartner and as the pivotal growth advocate at Salesforce, she has consistently been at the pulse of industry metamorphoses.

    Prepare to energize your audience, instill them with fervor, and unleash their unparalleled capabilities as Tiffani sheds light on mastering and flourishing in the dynamic sales landscape. This is your golden ticket to spearhead, recalibrate sales paradigms, and craft novel success milestones. With Tiffani Bova's guidance, you're not merely navigating change; you're spearheading transformations in the vibrant sales cosmos.

    In the ever-evolving tapestry of market dynamics, businesses often grapple with the trifecta of unsatisfied customers, unenthusiastic employees, and plateauing growth.

    Modern business magnates grapple with the twin challenges of securing and nurturing top-tier talent and concurrently managing surging pressures to curtail costs and boost efficiency. These are mere fragments of the multifaceted enigma companies confront in their ambitious pursuit of consistent, robust growth.

    Enter Tiffani Bova, the torchbearer in domains like growth, sales, and the twin experiences of customers and employees. Distilling wisdom from her Wall Street Journal acclaimed titles, The Experience Mindset and Growth IQ, she blends insights from over two decades advising global powerhouses. Her tenure as a scholar at Gartner and the pivotal growth advocate at Salesforce has crystallized her stature as an industry trailblazer.

    Tiffani's offerings extend beyond mere solutions; she unveils an encompassing blueprint for enduring revenue growth amidst constant market flux. Her insights pierce beyond traditional business stratagems, focusing on forging a robust corporate ethos that stands resilient amidst shifting tides. She spotlights the game-changing potential of data-informed choices and igniting enterprise-wide transformation.

    Marrying the prowess of avant-garde tech solutions with time-tested methodologies, Tiffani equips businesses to confront and conquer daunting challenges head-on. The journey isn't merely about acclimating; it's about flourishing amidst both clarity and chaos.

    Embark on a transformative odyssey helmed by one of the globe's paramount experts on growth, sales, and dual experiences: Tiffani Bova. Under her aegis, you're not simply adjusting to change; you're pioneering a trajectory of enduring triumph and revitalization.

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