Sustainability Speaker Tim Jackson

Tim Jackson

Pioneer of the Circular Economy. Sustainable Development Expert & Bestselling Author, Post-Growth: Life After Capitalism

Creator of the notion of preventative environmental management, a key principle of the circular economy. Speaker Tim Jackson has worked with the United Nations, the UK Government, the European Commission, and several foundations to examine the economic and social aspects of sustainability. Organizations hire Tim Jackson to learn about alternative models to capitalism, whether it is possible to have prosperity without growth, and the future of the circular economy.

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    Tim Jackson biography

    Sustainability speaker Tim Jackson is a writer and an ecological economist. He has been working at CUSP since 2016. CUSP is a multifaceted research center that strives to study sustainable prosperity’s economic, social, and political components. CUSP believes that humans can thrive despite a finite planet’s ecological and resource constraints.

    For more than 30 years, Tim has been a leading voice in international discussions on sustainability. Furthermore, he has worked with the United Nations, the UK Government, the European Commission, and various foundations to examine sustainability’s economic and social aspects. In the 90s, he created the notion of preventative environmental management, a vital principle of the circular economy. 

    From 2004 to 2011, he was the UK Sustainable Development Commission’s Economics Commissioner. His work resulted in the release of his book Prosperity without Growth. In 2010, the Finance Times named it “book of the year.” Nine years later, Prosperity without Growth became the economics book of the decade.

    Speaker Tim Jackson has degrees in physics and mathematics. Furthermore, he holds honorary degrees from the Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium and the University of Brighton in the United Kingdom. 

    In 2016, Tim received the Hillary Laureate for his fantastic work on sustainability. Tim is also a famous dramatist. In 2021, Tim wrote his latest book titled Post Growth – life after capitalismAbove all, Tim offers in it a bold vision of a society that prioritizes connection and purpose over the pursuit of profit and power. The book serves as both a call for systemic change and a call to reconsider our fundamental beliefs about human nature.

    Tim Jackson Speaking Videos

    Tim Jackson - An economic reality check
    Tim Jackson - Post Growth - Life after Capitalism

    Tim Jackson Keynote Topics

    Join bestselling author Tim Jackson as he discusses his groundbreaking book "Post Growth: Life After Capitalism." In this thought-provoking talk, Tim will delve into the ways in which capitalism has led to environmental devastation, economic inequality, and financial instability, and will present a vision for a society that prioritizes connection and purpose over the pursuit of profit and power. This is a must-see speech for anyone interested in exploring alternative economic models and reimagining the future of our world.

    This talk is based on Tim Jackson's bestselling book, "Prosperity Without Growth". It is a comprehensive examination of the issues surrounding economic growth and sustainability. Originally published in 2009 as a report to the UK government, the book quickly became a key work in the field, translated into 17 languages and sparking widespread debate. In this revised and expanded edition, Jackson argues that building a "post-growth" economy is a feasible and important task, outlining the key principles that should guide this transformation. He discusses the nature of enterprise, the quality of work, the structure of investment, and the role of money in creating a more sustainable and equitable economy. Now, more than a decade after its initial publication, "Prosperity Without Growth" is seen as a crucial roadmap for addressing the pressing challenges of our time.

    Tim Jackson's work on the circular economy dates back to the 1990s, when he was employed by the Stockholm Environment Institute to explore the concept of preventive environmental management. This approach, based on the principle that prevention is better than cure, advocates for the redesign of industrial systems to minimize waste and environmental harm. Jackson's 1993 book "Clean Production Strategies" and his 1996 book "Material Concerns" both argue for a shift away from a linear, extractive model of production towards a circular economy. The latter book also includes a chapter on the relationship between human well-being and economic growth. Today, the circular economy is a widely recognized concept, but Jackson's early contributions to the field continue to be influential. In this talk, Tim will talk about the evolution of the concept and the future of the circular economy.

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