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Tim Kelley

Global Change Agent. Bestselling author, True Purpose. Top Management Consultant

Bestselling author of True Purpose & a global change agent and thought leader in the field of new paradigm systems and methodologies. Speaker Tim Kelley has worked with leaders for businesses such as ING, Alibaba, Oracle, PwC, and Nabisco. Tim Kelley is frequently booked as a keynote speaker by organizations looking to transform and lead in the new business paradigm.

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    Tim Kelley biography

    HR speaker Tim Kelley specializes in change and is a pioneer on new paradigm methods and systems.  He collaborates with world-class leaders with the goal of transforming society. To date, Tim has taught his approaches to over a thousand coaches, therapists, and consultants. Tim co-wrote three best-selling books. Above all, he wrote True Purpose: 12 Strategies for Discovering the Difference You Are Meant to Make. His methods appeared in publications, newspapers, and television shows all around the world.

    Speaker Tim Kelley has collaborated with leaders from top companies such as ING, Alibaba, Oracle, PwC, and Nabisco. He has worked with military, business, and religious leaders, among others. 

    Tim has served in the military, notably as the commanding officer of an amphibious assault craft unit. He graduated from MIT with a bachelor’s degree in math. Tim’s main objective is to help individuals change into someone capable of leading a new type of organization.  He assists them in understanding what their higher purpose is and ensures their behavior aligns with their beliefs. 

    In addition, he aims to build a business that serves as a role model for the new business paradigm. Among these responsibilities is assisting the business in better understanding and expressing its greater purpose, vision, and fundamental values in ways that benefit the company’s finances, its workers, and the rest of the world. The idea is to develop a compelling higher purpose that can enhance employee engagement while also winning new customers.

    Tim is also an expert in non-hierarchical systems and assists leaders in implementing these systems with a clear understanding. Furthermore, he works with government officials to help them craft a strong message and a compelling vision that will profoundly and positively affect their country.

    Tim Kelley Speaking Videos

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    Tim Kelley Keynote Topics

    For most employees, work is a necessary evil and disengagement is a way of life. Research shows that attempts to motivate using compensation are doomed, though most organizations are unaware of this fact (or choose to ignore it.) How, then, can you unlock every person’s innate desire to make a powerful, meaningful contribution through their work? Understand why traditional motivational tactics fall short and learn how to create a culture that unleashes the power, productivity and potential within every employee.

    In today’s competitive economy, leaders are realizing that operating their for-profit business in service to a higher purpose is critical to increasing employee engagement, growing customer loyalty and expanding the bottom line. In fact, knowing your company’s deep “why” has evolved from a nice idea to an essential best practice. Unfortunately, most businesses know what they do and how they do it, but they have great difficulty understanding their higher purpose in enough detail to use it to attract customers and retain top talent. Join international purpose expert Tim Kelley as he shows you the best methods to discover your company’s purpose, and how you can use it to achieve greater results with customers, employees and other stakeholders.

    A new paradigm of business is trying to emerge, but it is being held back by our collective beliefs about work, competition and money. In fact, many of the foundational axioms that underlie the structure and “best practices” of business have been disproven by research! Tap into the new business cultures and strategies that are emerging and learn how they can increase your company’s productivity, engagement and profit.

    Economics teaches that competition is the key to efficient markets and business success. But, is this belief actually true? Using competition as the foundation of business has some surprising, negative effects that most leaders are unaware of. Learn the biology, research and mathematics of “coopetition,” the new strategy that can take your business to the next level.

    Today’s leaders are increasingly aware of the limitations of traditional leadership models to grow their organization, engage employees and cope with constant change. More and more, the model of the heroic, hierarchical leader is both insufficient and one that even the best leaders cannot fulfill. Our rapidly evolving world needs strong leadership, but what kind of leadership? Although there’s a lot of talk about what the new model of leadership looks and feels like, most of it is based on outdated practices and old beliefs — and won’t equip you to succeed in the future of business. In this presentation, learn the tools and skills you will need to create and lead engaged, motivated, powerful enterprises capable of retaining employees, attracting customers and leading your industry.

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