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Tom Davenport

Pioneering Authority on AI Strategies That Drive Competitive Advantage; Visiting Professor, Oxford Saïd Business School

One of the 100 most influential people in IT. Speaker Tom Davenport has led the Knowledge Management, Process Innovation, as well as the Big Data and Analytics movements. Organizations book Tom Davenport to learn about AI and healthcare, big data vs. small data analytics, how to design the post-COVID workplace, and how to make smarter data-driven decisions.

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    Tom Davenport biography

    AI Speaker Tom Davenport is a professor at Babson College and a visiting Professor at the University of Oxford. He also co-established the International Institute for Analytics. In addition, Tom is a Senior Advisor to Deloitte Analytics and a Fellow of the MIT Initiative for the Digital Economy. Throughout his career, he has authored or revised twenty books and contributed more than 250 pieces to a number of notable publications. 

    Harvard Business Review (HBR), the Financial Times, Sloan Management Review, and many more journals have published his writings. He studied and worked at Harvard University. Additionally, he taught at several other universities, including Boston.

    Tom has led the Knowledge Management, Process Innovation, as well as the Big Data and Analytics movements. With a 2006 HBR article and a 2007 book, he was the first to introduce the principle of “competing on analytics.” His insights into how companies may employ analytics and big data have continued to evolve ever since. Recently, he also put a lot of focus on AI. 

    Speaker Tom Davenport’s book, Only Humans Need Apply, provides fundamental tools for those who have to use cognitive technologies at work. AI Advantage, his latest book, gives step-by-step guidance on employing artificial technology in business.

    Davenport’s ideas appeared in the Harvard Business Review both in 2017 and 2019. In addition, one of his pieces was included in the list of 10 Must Reads on AI, Analytics, and the New Machine Age. In 2016, Tom became one of LinkedIn’s “Top Voices” for Education. 

    Later in 2018, he became a top voice for technology. Finally, Tom has garnered numerous honors and accolades in his career. For instance, Fortune magazine has named him one of the world’s top three business/technology analysts. Fortune magazine also put Tom at the top of the IT industry influencers’ list.

    His clients in the field of analytics and artificial intelligence range from well-known corporations to innovative start-ups.

    Tom Davenport Speaking Videos

    Tom Davenport - AI & New Emerging Business Models
    Tom Davenport - The Future of Artificial Intelligence

    Tom Davenport Keynote Topics

    According to Tom Davenport – distinguished professor of IT management at Babson College and co-founder of the International Institute for Analytics – the COVID-19 pandemic taught us that America’s data management system is lagging behind those of other countries. Here, he examines how decisions made during the pandemic became more important and more challenging, and that without a cohesive framework, the fractured, sometimes “alternative,” data often led to worse decisions than those made with no data at all. Bad sources and models resulted in cherry-picked facts, emotional decision making and cognitive biases. Now, with systematic methods for identifying these faulty impulses, Davenport teaches organizations how to avoid similar perils by course-correcting away from biased data to find reliable solutions. In this presentation, he discusses the role of statistics and heuristics and how much of our decision making should be offloaded to machines.

    Tom Davenport revolutionized the world of analytics with his 2007 book Competing on Analytics. Now he’s describing companies that take the same aggressive approach to artificial intelligence. In this presentation, he discusses the attributes of AI-fueled companies, and details the leadership, strategy, and cultural traits that make companies highly successful with AI. From Kroger in Cincinnati to Ping An in China, he illustrates how AI-driven organizations will power the future of business.

    In most industries, data, analytics, and artificial intelligence have taken the guesswork out of business strategy. So why haven’t these tools revolutionized health care? In this presentation, Tom Davenport – distinguished professor of IT management at Babson College and cofounder of the International Institute for Analytics – reviews the potential for more intelligent health care, and the structural barriers preventing a full health care makeover. He describes the silos that prevent data sharing, the slow progress of AI adoption, and the differences in objectives among stakeholders. With optimism about new AI capabilities and information management roles – like Chief Information Officer, Chief Data Officer, and Chief Analytics and AI Officer – and a keen understanding of internal change management issues, he offers health care leaders practical solutions for making more informed decisions through full data integration.

    Although many companies and observers are excited about the possibility of competitive advantage from analytics on “big data,” they may not understand fully the differences between big and small data analytics. In this session, Tom describes the concept of big data and what organizations are attempting to accomplish with it, and the role of the data scientist in extracting value from big data. He presents examples of several leading companies, from startup to established, that are aggressively pursuing big data. Throughout the session, Tom sheds light on the implications of big data and how it enables organizations to manage and bring products and services to market.

    Companies around the world have spent trillions of dollars on talent, software and devices to advance their analytics and AI capabilities, yet a substantial number still lack strong data-driven insights. In this talk, Tom Davenport – distinguished professor of IT management at Babson College and cofounder of the International Institute for Analytics – outlines the issues impeding analytics and AI adoption and cultural change. With statistics showing that only a small percentage of analytics and AI models ever reach production deployment, Davenport teaches leaders how to use data to reach more customers, optimize supply chains, improve HR, build enterprise-level intelligence, and significantly exceed business goals by structuring analytics and AI to achieve greater ROI.

    Longtime Harvard, MIT, and Babson professor Tom Davenport – one of the world’s foremost authorities on analytics, big data and AI strategies that drive competitive advantage – has been an objective advocate for virtual offices since the 1990s when he wrote “Two Cheers for the Virtual Office.” COVID presents a once-in-a-lifetime (we hope) opportunity to redesign work to improve employee satisfaction, productivity, and the environment all at once. In this presentation, he outlines what today’s workers want from their work environments, the various factors that constrain work design, and the importance of segmentation and choice as design elements. He also reveals the outcomes of multiple experiments and data analyses that have been performed by leading firms’ HR analytics groups, and other research that could further guide post-COVID arrangements. “Employers today need workforce policies that are guided by data and enlightened experimentation,” says Davenport, “not opinion and tradition.”

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