Sustainability Speaker Tom Rivett-Carnac

Tom Rivett-Carnac

Architect along Christiana Figueres of the historic Paris Agreement of 2015. Co-author, The Future We Choose

A sustainability expert who previously served as Senior Advisor to the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Convention on Climate Change. Speaker Tom Rivett-Carnac’s career spans 20 years in a variety of settings, including the worlds of climate change, energy policy, non-profit, finance, and diplomacy. Organizations book Tom Rivett-Carnac to learn about sustainability, energy policy, and climate change.

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    Tom Rivett-Carnac biography

    Sustainability speaker Tom Rivett-Carnac is one of Global Optimism’s Founding Partners. He is in charge of the initiatives and engagements’ portfolio. His career spans 20 years in a variety of settings, including the worlds of climate change, energy policy, non-profit, finance, and diplomacy.

    In his previous position, Tom served as Senior Advisor to the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Convention on Climate Change. He was responsible for developing the political strategy that culminated in the historic Paris Agreement in December 2015. Prior to this, he served as President and CEO of CDP North America. This entity works to increase reporting of climate change-related opportunities and threats in the operations of listed companies through the use of the financial markets. 

    The Climate Disclosure Project (CDP) currently receives climate information from more than 7,000 businesses. Investors use such information during asset allocation decisions and asset valuation. Throughout his time at CDP, Tom held a variety of positions, such as establishing the Cities Program. In addition, he was the Director of the world’s first global process to support disclosure by cities.

    Speaker Tom Rivett-Carnac worked at Dyson and was also a Buddhist monk for two years. The Clinton Global Initiative, Leaders’ Quest, NY Stock Exchange, the Global Impact Investment Network had the pleasure to have Tom as their advisor.

    Tom and Christiana Figueres collaborated on the book The Future We Choose: Surviving the Climate Crisis, published in February 2020. Several international figures have thoroughly appreciated the book, including best-selling author Yuval Harari and business magnate Sir Richard Branson.

    Tom has a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Economics and an MSc in Systems Science. He is married and has two children, and he resides in the city of London.

    Tom Rivett-Carnac Speaking Videos

    Christiana Figueres y Tom Rivett-Carnac
    Tom Rivett-Carnac - How to shift your mindset and choose your future

    Tom Rivett-Carnac Keynote Topics

    Tom Rivett-Carnac, a highly respected speaker, brings his expertise and passion to shed light on the pressing topic of sustainability. With deep insights into environmental conservation, corporate responsibility, and sustainable practices, Tom captivates audiences with inspiring discussions on how individuals, organizations, and governments can contribute to a more sustainable future. Discover practical solutions and actionable steps to create a positive impact on our planet.

    Join Tom Rivett-Carnac as he delves into the intricate world of energy policy. Drawing from his vast experience and understanding of the energy sector, Tom explores the challenges and opportunities in shaping effective energy policies. Engage in thought-provoking discussions on renewable energy, clean technologies, and the transition to a sustainable and resilient energy system. Gain valuable insights into the intersection of policy, economics, and environmental considerations.

    Tom Rivett-Carnac is a leading authority on climate change and its implications. In his compelling presentations, he unravels the science, impacts, and urgency of addressing climate change. Through engaging storytelling and compelling data, Tom highlights the interconnectedness of climate issues, from biodiversity loss to social justice. Discover the pathways towards a sustainable future and gain a deeper understanding of the actions needed to mitigate climate change and create a resilient planet for future generations.

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